Tuesday, October 10, 2006


you are the thought that starts each morning

you are the conclusion to each day
you are in all that i do
and in everything i say
you are the smile on my face
the twimkle in my soul
the warmth inside my heart
the fulness in my life.
you're the hand that laced in mine
and the coat upon my back
my friend,my love
my shoulder to lean on.
you are my silly,mature,caring
thoughtful,bright &honest guy
the one who holds my hand tightly
when i need to cry.
you are the dimple on my cheek
the ever constant tingle on my soul
the voice that makes me weak
the happiness in my life.
you are all i've ever wanted
you are all that i ever need
you are all that i ever dreamed of
your precious and invaluable to me


Anonymous said...

a poem is a poem a poem is a poem, it has no other name and though i am plagiarising mr eliot, your poem is free from his decadent alienation....thats really good of you.

Anonymous said...

great going darling.I didnt knw u r such a gr8 poet.i just feel a proud about u