Thursday, November 30, 2006


just 5 more days to go for my 1st semester exams in jadavpur university[ju].the most talked about topic with UG1's is if at all we ll manage to get a 60% in our mark sheet to save days go passing by...tension is being paranoid as to how will i perform...class tests are one thing but its one helleva difference...i thik its about time i give up lazing around and finally get down to study...i hope my determination doesnt sure my classmates have geared up and done with their prep...well now is not the time for thinging about what others are doin but mind what i should do...making up my mind..hence im putting an end to this blogging and getting back to my dusty books.adios!


Rith said...

dont worry raka....we r both gonna flunk together.....hum saath saath hain

Rith said...
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