Monday, December 04, 2006


Never had troubles
bogged me down
Never had pain
Affected me.
"Why now?"i ask myself
"Why me?"
Then the truth dawned
upon me..
I'm the ill fated girl
-As they called me
I am the me
One and only
I ll fated as always


Anonymous said...

is that your story,buddy?--shubhankar

Anonymous said...

sensitive....pungent truths well showcased-dipan

Anonymous said...

bipisha: like your style!

raka said...

gladys:never read this good stuff from an amateur!

rohit said...

good post, but dahlink are yu talking about urself....
cos i dont thnk ur illfated.. over t yu

samrat majumder said...

Dont be worried my dear sis
its just d time which making u pissed
golden time r still to come ....
just rock & roll to d bits of d drum

~~~~~~ samrat [DEEPEST DESIRE's]

rohit said...

great template n style

Anonymous said...

yes u are ill.. Inteligent, Lovable and Lovely... oh well on a second thought .. yes u are ill.. Idiot, Lazy and Ludicrous.. but ofcourse u are not ill fated but infact the luckiest girl in the world coz u got me ;) puneet