Wednesday, December 13, 2006


the candle flickered
and died out.
the wind swept
the papers off my desk.
i sit solitary
in the dark
as i battle with the emotions
dueling within me
a silent tear courses
its way down unnoticed

lost in my thoughts
i lose track of time
caught in the grips
of an impending gloom
they say,futile it is
to love,
i say,
despite the agony
its well worth the pain

a soft breeze blows
as my hair falls on my face
incoherent thoughts
cloud my mind
as i stifle my sobs
and silently mourn
the absence of my love
fate has dealt me a cruel hand
and i suffer,the tyrannies of eventuality

as the sun comes up
a new hope dawns within me
i must survive
and dream again
to see this through
my love,
if only you were here
my life would have been complete.


FudgeQueen said...

lovely.. good to have a soul in love... its been ages n ages ! :)

shubhankar said...

the first time i heard the poem(you recited over the phone,remember?),i was struck by your candidness and simplicity of expression.congrats,pal!you,ve arrived.

George said...

your blog is great pupu, also u never told me that you can write boems that good, don't stop :)


gr8 ...
hat's off to u ....
keep writing more ... as i cherish reading those beautiful lines and floats in its sweet tune ...
again congrats ...

Anonymous said...

am sure he be there and ur life will be complete.. insha allah.. puneet