Sunday, December 10, 2006

Power Of Love

i feel like flying..
or to walk upon the air...
i feel so happy and
so free,
because i know
i am in love,with you....

when night falls
and the gentle breeze blows
ruffling my hair...
when i feel you whisper my name
i know i am not alone
for i know..
you love me too

hand in hand
we walk into the horizon
to our sun kissed future
just you and me
but before that hardships
we must endure

i know we will survive
the trying times
to emerge victorious
and together
i know we can make it
if only we try

so darling leave aside
you fears and apprehensions
and hear,i make a solemn promise
it is you,to whom i belong
it is you,whom i love
now and forever.
whenever you reach for me
you will never find me gone...

soon time will fly
and hardships will disappear
and we will be united again
and together we will
build a life of our own

so walk ahead
and brave the hurdles
as i anxiously wait
for you and for time to turn
when we ll be united forever
and then life will blossom
to all its glory
and reward our love
with its holy sanctity

together we will touch the sky
and scale the mountain high
because you fill me with love
and so much strength
that i know i can survive
if only you are my light
at the end of the tunnel

you,my love complete me
give me the strength;
urge me to fight
to dream dreams,
and make them reality.
you taught me to love
and now i give u me


Anonymous said...

great to read this poem...very honest and very beautiful...amazing stuff...please write more!!

rohit kumar dasgupta said...

hand in hand
we walk into the horizon
to our sun kissed future
just you and me
but before that harships
we must endure

intense vry vry intense......


I think u need more thn a comment fr writting dis poem .. much more thn our comments
may a big hug frm ur guy ... will be d exact return fr dis great writing ...
... Do write more bcoz its a gods gift tht u must explore .

Anonymous said...

shreya:dis is a woderful poem by a wonderful girl raka....her creation is as sweet as she herself much much much feelings...just getting short of words...
so much much care....indeed,its only raka who can create such an intoxicating aura all aroud...
hmmmmmm....i m getting drunk........

Anonymous said...

Tista:i suppose Raka is one of sweetest n d most adorable gal in col....n her poems....its obvious ought 2 b d her.....such touching n soft poems are a grt judge of raka's nature also.......caring,helpful,n full of humour in her.......her poems somewhat reflect her life n her love.....both samik n raka r fortunate to b gud partners 4ever...i really admire you both...keep it u n samik ....will surely touch the ultimate limits of the sky....might b d silver lining of d cloud....for which i will surely pray .........let God bless u......