Monday, January 01, 2007

Rising From The Ashes
I had dreamt a dream
Not long ago,
To have a friend
Of my very own.

Then I found you.
my friend,
You were my
My dreams come true.

World is utopian,
I used to think.
Because I knew,
I had you.

I trusted you,
Kept my faith,
For you I stood up
Against the world.

Broke friendships,
Incurred wrath,
Lost friends and
Invited trouble.

Then one day,
Truth came out.
You are not,
What I had thought.

You were out
To serve your need.
You used and
Betrayed me

Pretending to be my friend,
You broke my heart
You gave me pain.
And left a scar.

May the world
Never know friendship.
For if this was it,
Then friendship is farce...

Why did u do this?
Why me?
Why did you betray
And use me?

I loved and cherished
You like my very own
I lost friends and didn’t care
for I thought I had you

And now I am lost
And all alone
With a broken heart
And a lifetime of agony

Betrayal and pain
Is what I got
For all the happy times
We have shared

How could you?
Do this?
how could you
not care?

I thought you
Were my friend?
But you turned out
To be a foe.

And now I will never trust
Never befriend,
Because friendship
doesn’t exist.

Freindship is an illusion.
Very utopian,
A figment of
Our imagination.

May you be happy
May all your dreams
And desires
Come true

May u not hurt
Like u did to me
Pretending to be friends

Or people will distrust
friends, and hate
A beautiful word
Called friendship.

I forgive you
I feel pity
You have lost
And not me.

I will survive
And will make it through
I will be whole again.
yes, i will survive


Dipyaman said...

You Will Definitely Survive Raka..All of us does in the midst of unimaginable pains n agony..This world is itself an illision..You will be happy till the time you can stay within it, The time you Try to come out of this, You will be heartbroken !!
never Expect Nething out of Neone, Just live life in a normal,Casual Way..!!

Raka said...


Dipyaman said...

Netime..But er por theke..No thanks.. :-)

Cin said...

Your beautiful heart will heal and you will be wiser and stronger for it. Look at the wonderful words that come from your soul. A thing of beauty. I wish I could wash away your pain. You will be fine.

Raka said...

ure a treasure cindy...

Raka said...

hey no more rona dhone...only isshmile....chuk de phatte...

khyati patel said...

beautiful piece of writing beautiful as friendship itself.
straight from the heart n straight to d heart.........

Raka said...

thankx dear!

Dipyaman said...