Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Big Brother

i am down with fever for the last few days...its been really terrible...what with the cold,the cough and the fever....i was too weak to even get up to check my mail or blog....just that having nothing to do drove me mad...i have had bad days but yesterday was the worst...i had nothing to do all day except watching television.....what with the TV as my only companion i thought of going over to my brothers place just to spend sometime with him...he was tiried and beat froma whole week of office and was relaxing...despite me gate crashing he was caring and very my amazement i saw my bro in a whole new avatar...something like never brother was genuinely affectionate extremely caring...well this maybe sounding weird but if you know the whole actually isn' brother doesn't believe in displaying emotions..[runs in the family i believe] my bro is a very conservative man in his own rights...he will never take my responsibility even if he is paid to...for which we have had many clashes..where he wouldn't just take me out somewhere or let me have something i want to have....but truly to speak he is the closest to me, along with him i confide all....whether it is my problems with samik.or college...anything and everything under the sun.....yesterday his caring nature just came out when he ever so thoughtfully and in a caring way massaged my head as it was aching pretty badly due to the cold...he even wrapped me in his blanket and told me things to do and not to, to get well soon....truly this thoughtful gesture of my brother touched me like never before...i saw a whole new side of him and its reassuring to know that i have the best brother in the whole wide world....

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