Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cant live if living is without you
Can’t survive if you are not there
You are my heart, my soul
You are in everything I do or say

You are the thought that
Begins every morning
You are the conclusion
To my day…

How do I go on?
if you ever leave?
How do I cope with the pain?
How do I breathe without you?
How do I ever survive?

Where is the love?
That filled us with happiness
Which used to light up the sky?
And brighten up the day?

Has the magic of love faded?
Is it inflicted by oblivions curse?
Will everything come to end?
Will we become strangers yet again?

Fear grips me in its deathly clasp
Pain rips me apart
Desolation fills my heart
And kills my soul

Hope dawns yet again, says
Troubled times are not here to stay
Keep the faith and,
All will be well again.


DeePDiveR said...

Coincidental I came across ur poem today suddenly! Was somewhat refreshed....but the pangs still remain

Raka said...

i hope it has helped..