Monday, January 15, 2007

kaleidoscope of happy moments

Bold And The Beautiful - Abhinandan,Rohit,Me,Nimisha and Shiladitya
JU Comparative Literature ledgelings-Shiladitya,Anuttama,Khyati,Nimisha,Me,Soura,Rohit and Abhinandan.


khyati patel said...

hey.... this is one of those time wen we say to each other "do u knw we have so much in common"... i blv we've said tht to each other million times by now....
as thy say great minds think like..........i was goin to use these pics for d blog..... but u did it first n i must say happy moments thy are....................cheers to our frnship n these happy moments

rohit said...

this is a song for the lonely
can you hear me tonight
for the broken hearted battles start out
this is a song for the lonely
where dreams wont come true
dont give up
let it find you

cheers to this phenomenon called friendship where no one is lonely

Raka said...

yea ure right...we have so much in any chance r we reading each others minds?thankx for calling me great too...knew u were great but me too?yay!arnt i happy?:)

Raka said...

@khyati and rohit
amen....may we have an everlasting friendship and have many such happy times together

Diviani said...

oh cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!

Raka said...

thanku thanku

onnesha said...

nice pic.i somehow end up looking very dishevelled and totally out of place and you have people saying things like "oh!you look so drained out"..."umm..i dont think this one is your best angle"(uncannily this is a common comment whichever angle i pose from!)
but then,as is said you guys look cute.