Sunday, February 18, 2007

Clipped Wings

I want to fly
Don’t clip my wings,
I want to skip, dance and sing
Don’t just bind me and hold me back

I want to run,
With the wind in my hair
The sun on my face
Throwing caution to the air
Don’t just bind me and hold me back.

Let me dream
Feel happy within
Let me sore,
Above the mountain high
Trust me for I’ll never make you cry.

Have faith and let me go,
Don’t hold me back and bind me
Just let me love and be free

Love is stronger
Than unspoken shackles
Faith and trust makes it formidable
No one can escape
The clutches of love,
So take heart and be calm
Don’t just hold me back.

I need to think
And breathe free
I want to love and
Still be me.
I want all this
And still be yours
If only you let me.


khyati patel said...

beautiful!jus beautiful!
i can actually feel your pent up feelings...................

Raka said...

now i am sure we read each others minds...maybe she should just stop doing that...its getting errie

Little Dandelion "My tomorrows will shine" said...

well expressed.

no matter how committed you are you don't deserve to be tied down.

really beautiful and evocative. loved it. =]

Raka said...

gee thankx