Monday, March 26, 2007

living a nightmare..

i just had the most pathetic day of my life....i dint quite sleep well last that made me feel lazy and grumpy...moreover my daily quota of full House and F.R.I.E.N.D.S was unfulfilled,it just dint get telecast and this marked the day going down hill...this morning i spoke to samik far too balance nearly got exhausted..then i noticed that i was late...i was due for class in 45 minutes and i still had to take a shower...somehow i managed to reach college only to have my classes late...then Debashree di gave back our papers...and i was shocked,the paper that i thought went well went awful..and i couldn't believe my a non academic exam i fared so bad...i was practically in tears and worse still everyone else scored well...all except me....moreover...Italian class was such a bore...and i was awfully sleepy..thankfully met samik afterwards so my mood was somehow lifted...and then as time wore on i was more and more tired,exhausted and sleepy with a splitting headache.....moreover got into a HUGE fight with she got on my nerves....and now i am going without dinner and i am terribly hungry...uff!what a day...almost living a nightmare throughout the day...but thankfully its coming to an end

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