Wednesday, April 25, 2007

5 ways to be a star!

are you ambitious?will you do just anything to be a star??have you no conscience?then here are 5 ways for you to follow and hit the red carpet....flash bulbs will go off and the nation will watch every breath you sit back and scroll down to know easy ways to be a celebrity...

#1.Date/Marry a star
what can be better than marrying or dating an already well established star to be a celeb yourself...then you can just stop worrying yourself to the grave thinking of other ways to hit the headlines....why not follow the footsteps of some very well known stars of both Hollywood and Bollywood,as they had done to become a star...the richer,scandal friendly and spineless the better

Upen Patel+Amrita Arora
Katie Holmes+Tom Cruiz
Ctherine z. jones+Micheal Douglas

#2."KISS" an infamous STAR
do you have a dying,a rather non existent career?why don't you just kiss a c grade wannabe..who sheds clothes at the drop of a hat but claims to be a epitome of morality...dont think twice just kiss her...let the shutter bugs some thing to chew on..and relax while your victim throws a tantrum....still bored!need more publicity??then why not compose a silly song,awful for the ear drums...and the lyrics of your song?do you even bother about that?well publicize this if others want to hear it but then who cares....
Mika and Rakhi sawant

#3.Hire a good publicist and spread rumors

you are famous but then you want to be among those who are absolutely indispensable..a living legend, a must in all elite want to be known in both Hollywood and Bollywood social if having your wax statue in one of the most well known museum isnt enough....who cares if your foreign projects bomb at the box office?..just a hire a publicist and spread the rumor that you ll be the next babe in 007 bond flick..and then dispel it saying you just cannot accept such offers...exposing is a strict no no..... wondering who this person is??...hint hint ...why our very own miss owrld...Ashwariya

#4.Claim to be married to a BID Bollywood Star

remember Jhanvi Kapoor???the lady who claims to be married to AB baby...and she decided to pull a stunt so typically fhilmi...but slashing her wrists...of course it all is not true,what not people do just to hog a 15 sec claim to fame...yes yes...people can stoop that low...just to take a shot at revive a non existant career....sigh!good riddance of rotten rubbish :)

#5.Star in a reality show
absolutely projects to keep you busy...join a reality show[both Indian and British version]claim to be a victim of racism...see the votes pour in...and in a day your a big pouring in....shutter bugs trailing wherever you go...and what more...actually offers come your way with free publicity...
remember Shilpa Shetty?


Rajeev said...

those were "some" tips :P

Peace & Love

phoenix said...


i cant fall for you...but i may just go on a date with u...hint!hint!

Shamash said...

well these are 5 sure shot ways to the top..
i guess i will have to rty each of them to see which one is for me or mayb just cutom make one for me and just pull something different then yu may have the 6th way
heeh ee

Cin said...

well then, now my dream seems even farther out of reach. Any other advice on this matter? I am sure not going to get naked. What about sheer passion and desire? Hee Hee!


Shruti said...

hmm, intersting...there can be many more same ways to be star...
Take care...

Smartalec said...

lol! nice one!
so which route are u adopting:p?!
damn things wouldn't have been so messy had everyone had a godfather in the industry!

phoenix said...

you dont have anything to know just how to climb the social ladder...i dint wanna embaress you thus i didnt have a 6th way adn i didnt use ur name ...i am sure u know what i am talking about :D!

you dont get bothered by the 5 are bright as a ll succeed no mather what...i have faith on you...:D

i am sure there maybe...just highlighted 5...

hey i like being in the spot light for me....

Rajeev said...

Ah! But ur not a celebrity :D

Peace & Love

Priyanka Sarkar said...

thts absolutely marvellous!!!very very well written..n true to the tee..
btw th aishwarya rai bit was a new piece of gossip for me!!!!:D

phoenix said...

meanie...i wont talk to you!

@priyanka di...
ash's rumour is an old thing...
but i am glad you liked my post!