Thursday, April 19, 2007

the big fat bollywood wedding

Speculation of former miss world and AB baby dating each other had tantalized the nation and made the crowd go berserk... "rumors" they denied...until early this year..the magnanimous Amitabh Bacchan himself confirmed to this royal engagement....since then news papers have been filled with the supposed dates of the grand wedding,the designers of the trousseau making the finery this famous channels carried guest lists as who is invited and who is followed the patriarch of Bollywood as he toured the country warding off the evils of the planetary positions..subjecting the former miss world to ultimate humiliation,with several havans being held,sacrifices being given and generous donations being doled out..reason??Aishwarya is a mangalik....yes u heard it right...even in this 21st century people are that superstitious...and much more than these super stars can candidly admit.....

when i let my thoughts drift i am filled anger against the cruelty of the media...we always highlight how these celebs devise plans to hog the limelight to get that extra publicity but we often forget to think sympathetically from the prospective of these celebs who are denied a normal life because of who they are...and i am just going to highlight these ignored truths of our life....

wedding is the most important event in ones add paparazzi and media trying their best to capture every moment and every expression..and then telecaste all over the nation...may sound all exciting and fun..but,when you think this situation from a celebs prospective you realize its ones worse nightmare come alive...what with ones most private and intimate moments being made public..where is the scope to savourthese precious moments of ones life?how awful is that? moreover,wanting a private wedding with just near and dear ones too becomes an offense..what with news channels putting hourly updates as to who is still not invited..and so and so ex-boy friend congratulates and so and so is ignored so as to get back...this is ludicrous.....isn't people entitled to their privacy,isn't it up to them whom they invite and whom not?whom to donate and whom not???who are we to dictate terms anyways.....

many say Ashwariya is too cold...she brings nothing but doom to the people she dates...i say i am not too fond of her but as a human being i must takes that special someone to make one react warmly...and certainly Abhishek Bacchan has done that and much more...the ice queen is no longer so..yes maybe ash is almost always is politically correct but do we have the right to judge her for that?her "no comments" stand and for that matter the fact that she never slings mud,bitches about co stars or even protests for the wrong that is written about what its her decision...i think she is maintaining a dignified silence...way better than people who think they get away with whatever crap they write about her or the other actors who issue such moral hogwash they they will send the nuns running for the convent but in actuality they are just wannabe's wanting to make an impression....leaving aside the frivolities many green with envy will not admit but ash and abhi does look like a couple very much in love and quite made for each other and its time we all give up our negativity and wish the couple a happy married life!


Rajeev said...

nice post.
I too feel that they should be left alone.
i mean After all its their wedding and they can invite people they want and the media have no right to interfere in it.
but then, Being a celebrity is no easy job.
Some things are inevitable. and u have to go thro them :P

Peace & Love

Sharad Mathur said...

leave them alone..
btw i like none of the two.
but then who all r invited for the wedding?


Richa said...


I've been ranting about this myself :) In private though.

ANd... that emphatic yes is one word uttered in joy. I'm going to Bangalore :) soon.

Lisa Francisco said...

Thanks for stopping by chica! Yeah, I don't know any of Ash's movies! Thanks for recommending me some. I don't know how bollywood actors behave in the spotlight outside when they are acting in films. so I did not know she was considered very cold. hmmm...i do wish her and her hubby the best...not like it matters from a nobody like me who is about to become a big somebody!!! :)


phoenix said...

i agree...being a celeb is a 24*7 job!

i know i am not invited :(

wow lucky u!

anytime for a friend :)

Priyanka Sarkar said...

Totally my sentiments!!!!
the media glare is absolutely tortuous!!!!
hope they just spare the couple(which they never wud)!!!

phoenix said...

@priyanka di
:D..i know...sometims so much media attension is the undoing of so many coupls..see prince william for instance