Thursday, April 12, 2007


Whatta week!with tests all around the week and the slogging that went behind it...the innumerable number of classes and extra classes...scores and scores of test and some more....piles and piles of xerox...sun scorching and almost killing if this was pc choose to malfunction just when i needed it to work,just before my exams!traitor!it seems like forever,i was slipping in and out of bed...sleep hardly came to me as the alarm always went off as i snuggled was a never ending round the clock stressful two weeks......what with this being the last week for internals...and the marks being required for our end sems...which of course is round the corner!uff!

amidst time crunch...and hordes or tests...came another blow!another political fight SFI vs Anti SFI....uff...supposed murders[dead actually walk about on campus..u know lol]the ailments...the mass plunder...burning and rampage....sham!sham!all a one spares the other...the question of right and wrong long being forgotten by both sides....then came JUTA calling for a strike!for god knows what?i am no one to comment...result??well classrooms locked with mysteriously keys being vanished,libraries in a state of repose...but do u really think our profs succumb to such mild protest and stop classes...hell no!!they took classes in stair cases,their rooms and in certain extreme cases they even found "innovative" ways to open the classrooms.....

probably the only good thing that happened this week was the internal results of previous test...must i say i have done miserably?erm!well not exactly...have got decent least i am happy....i don't care about others....i am not competing with others but just me from last its me who has to be satiated in the magnanimous is that!lol!only i know how much i have slogged or rather i am slogging to get mere marks!sometimes i wonder why i dint put this kind of concentration and hard work while i was at school...i was reputed as the bright girl who was too lazy to work god!wont my teachers love to eat their words if they are to see me now....

yes yes...i am stopping here...enough of gloating...but then i felt i deserved it..after all that has happened...and mind you the week isn't over...we have to work an extra day on Saturday :(...and we have a test too..its the last internal this semester..and after that a grateful study leave of 2 weeks!time to repose now..cherrio!


ani said...

my comp always did that wenever I had a project submission!!!! u remind me of MBA with exams every 5 weeks!! chill girl! THESE ARE THE DAYS!!!!

Raka said...


Lisa Francisco said...

Thanks for stopping by! I wish you the best on exams! Don't work too hard Saturday, you need to rest and concentrate. it will all be over.

it's good to know all you are worried about is whether or not you are content with yourself. most people are worried of what others think which actually brings alot of pain...

anyhow, good luck! have a nice weekend!


Raka said...

thank got the good luck i really need it

Rajeev said...

Took classes on staircases!? :O
WHOA! that is something i haven heard before. Dedicated teachers eh!? lol
btw u shud be happy that u got decent marks, cuz i screwed and have an year back now :((
DamN! How I hate studies & my college.
newayz, good luck for ur exams ;)

Peace & Love

Raka said...


hey pal buck up!happen worries u ll clear up your papers soon!keep your spirits up!