Thursday, April 26, 2007

nervous rambling....

damn!semester starts this Monday.....and 2.1[literatures of ancient world] being my weakness as always is like a never ending nightmare...studying seems like herculean task!few days back i was still day dreaming...personal notes has been done..all i have to do is to just read through the book and read the class notes..done...chalking out my study schedule seems so easy...but then reality came crashing down..there is so much to study...its like an ocean which doesn't seem to end...notes after notes...pages filled with scribbles and doodles...with heat turned on on full blast...oh god!isn't there any respite from all this??????

hordes of texts even more reference books...and yet more scholars point of view to memorize ....this charade is just to much to handle...its frustrating to read texts which we can hardly pronounce...then analyze it and then make a comparison....shesh!why do mean even express themselves in such a complicated and flamboyant manner....its so painful for us,scholars to read such bombastic work of i am doing what i did before my last semester :D...yes i am blogging instead of studying....god help me!specially since my classmates are slogging to perform well..i need at to get atleast a 60% to be in the 1st division category...but at the rate i am going...that seems like a very unlikely possibility....anyways its study time again....break over...ciao!goodnight people!


StandbyMind said...

hey all the best man.....
Mine starting tooo....
Hope to Not to Flunk any one!!! lol

Priyanka Sarkar said...

hey raka!!!
all the us proud!!:)

Rajeev said...

aargh! exams exams!!
damn! mine also startin soon, but i stl have some time left :D
I hope ill clear all my subs frm the previous sems! :(
Sigh! :-<
and btw good luck for ur exams!!

Peace & Love

phoenix said...


@priyanka di

best of luck for your exams way in advance :D