Saturday, April 14, 2007

Semester flashback 2

Hurray! This semester has officially come to an end. Its flashback time. Unlike last semester when I was literally moved to tears just thinking that we won’t have the same professors but this semester, its relief. It’s been a terrible 4 months. Studies were tougher than ever. Honestly I didn’t know what I was studying for…I answered randomly without knowing what I was writing was what was asked in the question! Somehow I have managed to scrape through….slogging never seemed to come to an end. Texts were too tough to comprehend….but I am glad somehow I have managed to hang on and not given up into despair!

I was very apprehensive to go back to college after the last semester…I was shattered and I dint want to face people…things weren’t right first week…but then slowly things fell into place…..I have evolved as a person…I did a lot of growing up to do…I finally broke the ice between a “Senior” and me. and after that I found a wonderful friend in her…so much for prejudices!

CLAI…brought with it loads of fun and enjoyment….it brought all of us close as a unit….we used to be in college from early morning till late into the night…it seemed that our department was having their own little marriage ceremony…everyone was busy. there was an excitement in the air….on the first day of CLAI our semester results came out…what an excitement! Thankfully I did well….managed to get a first class….Rohit made me proud... He topped our class…and someone else didn’t…the dinners and lunches sitting around chatting is something I’ll never forget, sharing this kind of time with friends hadn’t been possible before….

Salsa was born in the month of February and what a celebration it was….the several meeting with her…and finally holding her and cooing to her was something that brought back memories of my niece……

The study session in my house…the Herculean effort to study and understand “French hour” …..lazing around and finally getting back to studies…initially it looked more like a party than study session but then so many of us huddled together, cracking jokes and playing pranks while studying was fun!

Sanskriti! This was our first year to witness Ju fest! I must admit it turned out really well…being a part and attending to the so called “sanskriti committee” and knowing that sanskriti may not happen…budget crisis! No sponsors! All was a mess. More so political undertones… then a total detachment from everything. Sanskriti brought with it more bonding , more fun and more ways to be together and celebrate

What will always be memorable is the BBC sessions, after a grueling week…slumping down on the ground and just relaxing with friends… chatting, laughing singing songs and teasing each other and then drowning in the retrospection of life…and where it will lead us to…

Abhinandans house party….10 of us huddled in a small ac room…laughing away to glory! having fun like there is no tomorrow….coffee making sessions…and ultimately boozing and then getting drunk [not me, my friends]

Then came Elections! Rohit and Soura won the CR seats as against someone…and ah! Aren’t I happy! FAS won all over….and what a celebration it was! Moreover our friend Soura was the CR as well as AGS…it was a double celebration!

This semester Nimisha, Khyati Rohit and I we joined Italian classes….the first few words in Italian michiamo raka, come stai? bene grazie e tu? was whole lot fun…finding excuses not to attend classes…hogging sessions after the class…those chats near the gate…all will be memorable to me…..its been a joy ride learning Italian.

This semester we managed to shoo RC away for good. Subha di went away JNU and Swapan babu was no longer our professor! But he came in for 4 days. And took our classes to fill in for the other professors…though the study session was hectic [1 ½ hours in a row]…I realized that it was fun. and there is another side to him than what meets the eye….

Last two weeks were extremely exhausting! what with internals almost everyday…classes and then again extra classes and what with the strike and the DL being closed more problems…and now that finally the classes are over. no more internals and no more going to college…I am too fatigued to even feel bad that finally the sem is over…I know something…I am going to miss Debasree di a lot…somehow I haven taken a liking to her…and I ll miss having her around…

In two weeks the semester is coming up…I’ll take a break of 2-3 days, unwind and then again get back into studies….this semester is tough…so extra slogging is required….hopefully this time I study hard enough to maintain my first division. It seems just yesterday that we entered JU and in a blink of an eye a whole year went by…soon the new 1st years will troop in and we’ll be seniors! Yay! 2nd semester is finally over……….


Rajeev said...

ah! splendid :)
Glad to knwo u had fun ;)
Good luck for ur next sem :P

Peace & Love

Protegeoflife said...

good i was also happy at year endin in colleges but life changes so much after it good post btw

ani said...

awwsum! n best wishes for eveything ahead!! :)

Shamash said...

which just reminds me that we are now gonna be in 2nd year.. my my in two more years we will be "bachelors"

Raka said...



thank you

yea....its amazing isnt it?