Saturday, April 21, 2007


hey people i have been tagged yet again and this time rajeev has done the honors!bear with me here i go....

7 Things I want to do in this lifetime:

1.i want to be a writer
2.i want to tour the world
3.go on Oprah Winfrey show
4.i want to own a sea facing apartment
5.i want to have kids :D
6.learn to play the guitar
7.have an enviable library and cd collection

7 Things I can do:

1.cook[i make amazing coffee]
2.i am good with kids
3.i can fix a fuse :D
4.i can swim,row and skate books 24*7 without a break!
6.stay awake for days altogether
7.manage any kind of situation and take responsibility

7 Things I can’t do: my guitar!
2.write using ornate language
3.put on make up like a pro!
4.tolerate snobs,liars and Hippocrates emotions blatantly like others can.
6.i can't sing even if i am paid to.
7.keep my closet in order

7 Things that attract me to other person:

2.ability to strike up a conversation
3.being good with kids
4.courteous and responsible
5.broad minded outlook
6.mature and sensible

7 Things I say Most Often:

1.uff!ar parchina![i cant take it anymore]
2.what rubbish!
3.korbO NA[i wont do it]
4.shit! happens
6.take life as it comes...
7.our doubts are traitors,it often makes us loose what we could have achieved,by fearing to attempt

7 people i want to take up this tag

5.priyanka di


Rajeev said...

atlast u took up the tag! ;)
good :D

I wish all ur drams come true.

Peace & Love

Cin said...

I will take up the tag,look for my response soon...... :D

Lotsa Love!!


Lisa Francisco said...

why did you tag me!!!! geesh! lol i'll take it up in my next post. :)

Shamash said...

tag korli !!!.... ill put it up on facebook notes...