Thursday, May 10, 2007

friends forever...

the gloom has lift....
and i know i am not alone any more
cloud of misunderstanding
and distrust,has been cleared
and we are friends again.

my perfect world had been
eclipsed by a shadow of misgivings
but a simple touch and
a simple word,did it all

friends are opportunists
i used to think
not all are,i know now
exceptions are there

simplest of gestures
kindest of words
touched and melted my heart
and mellowed my pain.

i m not alone he said
showed me he cared
tears flowed out of love
and was soothed and dried tenderly

such tenderness and thoughtful
gestures coming from a guy...
full of fun and none of seriousness
though a surprise,touched me.

exceptions are truly the rule
not all are malicious they say,
but others are out there
to use and abandon you.

love makes you insecure,
and attachment vulnerable
but once the veil is lifted
its the same old friendship

this post is for two of my bestest pals in college...specially shiladitya who took the trouble of coming over..talking it out and making sure that i am fine...showing me for the first time ever that he meant much specially since i was going through a lot and this is my small way to show how touched i was and just how much it meant to me..thanks a ton shiladitya..for being there and for being the pal that you are..


Ipshita said... so happy that things have taken an upward turn for you.Afterall we cant look at da world through cynical eyes for ever...We cant shut out everyone from our life for the fear of letting some wrong person creep in and hurting us all over again...keep Smiling!!!I know what you are feeling right now..its pure utter unadulterated bliss....

Rajeev said...

hey u've made a post every day this month!
not studying for exams huh!?!?!

peace & love

Jeya Anand said...

Gud to see this..."so ur gloom has lift" ... great..
And abt Friends ...its true...not all are opportunists and there are exceptions ... nice one....:)

phoenix said...

yeah it is a unadlterated bliss...touchwood

man my exams are over......stop mother me :D

yeah i learnt it..but there are still ppl out there waiting to utilizing me...atleast i know some ppl very close to me arnt that way

Rajeev said...

DAMN!! Exams over! :((
this is bad news!!
mine gonna start this month end! :((

peace & love

Sharad Mathur said...

wow definitely!
lovely verse.


phoenix said...

poor poor you :D lol!