Monday, May 07, 2007

a new dawn!

Pulling the lapels of my jacket close
I make my way through the streets
As tears courses down my face
My heart wrenches and cries out
It over at last!
The pain will go away I
Consoled myself
Three years is a long time
So many memories…
So many dawns and sunsets!
Then one day the end came.
It had to I reasoned
It wasn’t worth the pain
He didn’t love me as much as I did
What now?
How do I survive?
I let the rain wash away my tears
I let it purge my soul and
Drown my fears
Yes there will be a tomorrow
And the phoenix will rise again!


Cin said...

My dearest friend! Now you are on a new path to a new adventure. The sky will brighten and the sun will shine on your face. Now true love can find its way to you. A big HUG to you. With all my love and support...


Shamash said...

anythings the matter, want to tell me

Rajeev said...

What happened?!
Any problems!??!
U can share it wid me, if u want.

peace & love

phoenix said...


i am totally fine..was in a depressed mode..hence such a pathetic attempt at writing poetry,please donut worry :D....

Shruti said...

Hi dear,
Lovely words...The phoenix will rise again definetly..
Hey, thanks for complimenting my blog..and its my pleasure that you want to blogroll me..
Take care..

Protegeoflife said...

wow goood poetic verse well written

phoenix said...

gee thank you

thankx :)

Smartalec said...

shit! that's so bad! a biiiig hug for you, mate! take care!

well what u read above is my initial reaction:p! after reading your message to the public about it being raka composing poetry (and hopefully nothing serious?!), all i have to say is that it had the desired effect! good job:D

phoenix said...


Rajeev said...

Pathetic attempt?!?! :O
That is really good, why do u feel so!! *Staring with anger*

peace & love

Jeya Anand said...

well whatever it may be...ur pathetic attempt or ur reflected depression??
was a gud post and a blog worth visiting... :)
Gud luck...

Sharad Mathur said...

well dune.

nice verse!

phoenix said...

blush blush

aww thankx :)

thankx pal...