Saturday, June 02, 2007

a song for my beloved!

summer heat and winter chills
monsoon rains and falling leaves
we have witnessed it all
and we are together still
as years and months
came and passed by

hurdles we have crossed
stood the test of time
tyrannizes of fate
and conspiracies of mankind
we have endured it all
and we are together still

troubled times brought alone
pain,unhappiness and anguish
tears flowed and heart bled
misunderstanding ruled
we cried together ,as pain
brought us closer still

being blessed by our parents
and sharing those happy moments
smiles an joy filled nights
and those beautiful days
love binded us closer still

heaven and earth seems to say
as stars and fate
confirm their acceptance
and now its official
"WE" are here to stay!

may the years and months
quickly come and go by
and despite the discords
together we stay
united and very much in love
which grows by the day...

today is the day that the angel of love had visited me almost three years back
Happy birthday samik
and Happy Anniversary to us!


Dream Catcher said...

Hope ur song comes true...wish u all the best..

Sharad Mathur said...

u made it rhyming,, hmmmmm :)

nice one

Irresistible Desires.. said...

hey..damn cool..

Irresistible Desires.. said...

3 yrs is good time..!!

Superunknown said...

Ur song is awesome....Tum jeeyo(both as a couple) hazaro saal, saal ke din ho.......(fill it on ur own :-))

Nurture your relationship, keep rocking...



khyati patel said...

hey.. congratulations girl!!! 3 yrs huh!!!! hope tht i will be congratulating u n samik few years down d line on ur wedding day!!!!

kaylee said...

Hey Girl,congratulations!3 years sounds like a long time!Glad you guys are still going strong after that much time.

`NEFTY said...

That was nice:]

oliver said...

awww. some people have fairytale lives.

Sunshine gal said...

Congrats....I knw it takes a lot to make a relationship work...I knw u r mature enuf to mk ur fairytale last...So,I jst wish dat God endows u with the strength, endurance and courage required 2 see a relation 2 its end9 i mean da plesant kinda end...)

And i'll always b matter give u stupid useless advice..whether u r in need of it or not..LOL....Tk cr....and even aftr all dis crap if u dont mk me ur bridesmaid...u r in 4 a serious trouble,u knw????...HEHEHE...

Shamash said...

may i live to see the 100th year girl

phoenix said...

@dream catcher
to some extent its true...few more miles to traverse

yea at last!:)



@kaylee and nefty

it isnt all time soo sweet n sappy..wink wink

without you no wedding!!

most definitely darling...if i wasnt about now after your soliloquy i surely will girl...have no doubts....

100 years!!!!!!!!OMG :O noooooo a lifetime is ok to live to be 100 and that too with samik is too much to bear LOL!

Karno Guhathakurta said...

um yeah, you may link me

Jeya Anand said...

That was coooooooooool:)

Superunknown said...

rythming beauty!!!!!!!