Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And then the rain came pouring down

The atmosphere was hot and humid; it seemed that not one drop of perspiration could get soaked. There was this heaviness in the air; everything was still as if something would happen. Not one leaf moved, not a bird was to be seen. as drivers sweated it out behind the wheels, waiting for the signal to turn green; somewhere unnoticed millions of red ants made their way, in symmetrical lines, scurrying to seek refuge and stock the food they were carrying.[they say ants signify rain]I look up and pray to the sky God to answer my prayers and send rain pouring down, washing and cleansing and giving respite to all suffering the heat attack. We have had quite a few false hope of rain…and then we were denied but this time I hoped beyond hope that it does “pour” and not rain. No amounts of juice, water, cold drink could quench the thirst or put the heat down. Humidity level plummeted as the storm clouds darkened the sky….. Promised rain???

“and then the rain came pouring down” in big, huge drops and then in almost torrents bringing respite to all. despite carrying several packages, my bag, books and stationary and being in a very awkward situation: I threw caution away and walked [I could have taken a rickshaw but I preferred to walk] home. Those 20 minutes may not have been the most comfortable of times but then it has been extremely satisfying, happy, and a purging experience for me.

Suddenly I felt tears pricking my eye and then it trickled its way down. the rain prevented others from viewing it, I realized it was just like old times… walking in the rain crying but then it wasn’t old times…the tears in my eye wasn’t of pain or anguish like before but were tears of happiness and peace…it felt as if rain washed my worries and grief of the last few days away…the awful feeling that I would have another day at office the next day or, the several other problems that keep nagging my mind….it felt good to let my frustration and fatigue being purged…moreover it felt nice to let the un-cried tears trickle down…with every gulp of the fresh air I felt rejuvenated …it felt like I was walking upon the air…it felt damn good to forget about everything but the numbing effect of rain on my face…. Disregarding the sneers and leaching on the streets and the reprimanding looks from elderly people seeing a young girl walking home in the rain instead of taking shelter somewhere….it felt amazing…rain never felt this good….maybe the only other time I had this enjoyable time was when I was in class 5 or 6 when all my friends in the locality met up in this garden of this house where we usually played….that too in out night clothes just to get drenched together first thing in the morning in the first showers of the year that heralded the monsoons…those were some fun…and now that I am all grown up.. hmm ok not so much in fact but quite a bit I haven’t lost the ability to enjoy these finer points in life… rain and the smell of wet earth brings back wealth of memories of my innocent childhood and friends who are now scattered and lost in their busy lives but frozen in my memories when we used to huddle together and play cricket….the house with the garden: our childhood hangout and play ground has now been broken down and in its place stands a tall and handsome multistoried building yet the memories stay…

Two lines of this popular Hindi song comes to my mind now….

Nagme hain,shikve hain,kisse hain batein hain
Batein bhul jati hain yadein yaad ati hai..
Yeh yaiein kissi dil o janam kay
Chale janey ke baad ati hain…
Yeh yadein…yadein.

One forgets the words that has been said

One forgets the pain or the song
That has once being sung
But what remain forever are the memories
And these memories come back
When your beloved is not near
Memories… memories…

Lost in nostalgia and the safe haven of my thoughts….unknown its morning once again…. Mom just brought me my morning coffee…feels wonderful actually to let my mind weave a cocoon of memory and of feelings; which even for a few moments lets you escape to a utopian world… since its still pouring hard maybe I’ll just give office a miss today. HURRAY! It would really be a crime to work on such a beautiful day…in any case I had lots of work…first meeting samik for coffee and then ipsy for shopping…god..i really need rest now

Have a wonderful day ahead!


Michelle said...

i know wut u mean...i am so happy it rains almost everyday really makes the climate much more pleasant =)

Shruti said...

Hi dear,
Rain brings back so many lost memories and it really wonderful to wet in the rain..
Lovely post..

Take care

Meenakshi Singh said...

Rain, Nostalgia, Tears, and the song... all are so sweet and overwhelm you in some way or the other. Beautiful post. :-)

Rajeev said...

Why are so many ppl writin bout rains!?
I hate rains. seriously.
just because i cant go out when it rains! :D
hehe! :P

peace & love

KAYLEE said...

I LOVE RAIN It does not happen often here but,when it does i am in heaven:-)

Diviani said...

Why do you feel an awful feeling at office?

But the rains, yes. Omg yes yes YES. Gimme gimme some more!


DreamCatcher... said...

uhmmmm..when it will rain side..everywhere its raining ..aah!!

preety well written...yaadeinn yaad aati hai..sweet

Lisa Francisco aka AVIANA said...

Stopping by to say hi! I will be back from lunch and write a comment on your post! :0