Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moon kissed roof-top!

starry starry sailing by...the breeze blows my hair over my face i tuck it behind my ears and gaze,what seemed like eternity,sky wards..i lie on the roof top mesmerized by the beauty of the night bathed in the moonlight...what more i had my best pal beside me gazing too and sharing some amazing fantasies,dreams and desires...we became people belonging to an Utopian world..far away from this materialistic world full of its politics,diplomacy,conspiracies and bitching..together we weaved a cocoon of magic and fantasy around us...churning out series of theories and observation and an ethereal feeling....talks never seemed to end..stories were narrated and were re told...moments good and bad...happy and sad was shared and treasured...even the silences spoke volumes and was comfortable....dreams suddenly sprouted wings and seemed to fly away...even sky wasnt the limit...there was heady feeling of happiness despite the gloom...the smile for absolutely no reason at all...yearning for the beloved yet there was the comfort of his voice and there was the endless mesmerizing gaze...all added on to become a totally wholesome nutritious food for the soul which seemed to have gotten a lease a new life to it...this safe haven of my pal[ipsy] went on to become my favorite place on earth where even dying doesnt seem like a depressing thought...where if one goes one wants to live to experience and to feel the beauty of nature and be one with it...where magic is not just about harry potter or hogwarts..but a feeling of completeness and satisfaction without any particular reason at times like this one realizes how lucky one is to live and witness such beauty in its starkness and the boon of having a close friend and your perfect soul mate in life...people whom you value the most in live and who understands even without saying,completes the unfinished sentences and accepts you for what you stand up for... likes you for everything you are and everything you are not...roof-top fun will always be special to me....for everything that it was symbolic for..


Cin said...

Beautiful words there. Almost like I were there sharing the moment too.Lotsa love!

sunshine gal said...

Too good is a thing that falls way short of describing your write-up..and it really did mk me want 2 experience it all ovr den...even if i go back to my roof top tonight..may be it will still be bathed in moon light..there might still be the stars and the clouds scattered in the most disorganised fashion possible, makin me want 2 command it over 2 the right places..[:P]..the wind will still be playin with my i'll not have You to share my weird thoughts something really important will b missed....

phoenix said...

thank you

aww :)
*wipes a tear away*


KAYLEE said...


KAYLEE said...


oliver said...

@kaylee: allow me to take the bow for the second comment. thankyou!

KAYLEE said...

Okay oliver if I must I will let you take the bow:)

phoenix said...

@kaylee and mandy.... my i important or wat?? LOL!

KAYLEE said...


Rajeev said...

Copy Cat!?
WHy!? I have that signature since ages. Its just the font I have changed!
This shows how regular you are at my blog. u havent even seen the sig!?
hehehe! :P
lovely template btw! :)

peace & love

Dream Catcher said...

a lost though...and a conspiring dream..:(

ur words..they are beautiful...but m lost now:(

phoenix said...

love you for that!:D

man cant u take a joke???

@dream catcher
thank you soo much

KAYLEE said...

GOOD cause I love you too:D

relations said...

almost took me there on the roof top..
"life is moments".. and moments best explained by u..
'even silences spoke volumes'..very true
sometimes i wonder.. why dont we have a time machine.. so that "moments is life"
keep romancing.