Friday, June 22, 2007

A walk in the rain

Storm clouds darken the sky

Soon it began to pour

I let the raindrops soak me

Head to toe

I let the rain purge me soul

And make my spirits soar

I submit myself

To the mercy of the rain gods

I skip the puddles and

Jump the ditches and walk along

With a spring in each step

Feeling happy within.

The worries seem to have lifted

Even if momentarily

Pain has been drowned

And tears washed away…

My heart sang a different tune

Eyes sparkled and spirit danced away

As rain water dripped from my face

And drenched me all the way…


Jijo said...

Maybe You should Try "Singin' in The Rain", or Mary "Rainman"...

Kalyan said...

the beauty of the rains so well captured in words...really lovely!

oliver said...

heh. singin' in the rain reminds me of alex delarge. none of this makes sense. i should really watch the original movie.