Thursday, July 19, 2007

what do you do?
when nothing seems to go right!
what do you do?
when people you trust?
turns out to betray you!
what do you do?
when there is no-one to be there for you?
what do you do?
when you realize that everything in life is transient!
what do you do?
when all you want,is to give up!
what do you do?
when tough times seem to last forever..

nothing!you just pick yourself up...dust off the bad memories....hold onto the lessons that you have learn t and just move is time to grow up!!


Neo said...

hey gal. found u thru rajeev. loved ur blog. lets exchange links..uve been added already

Sunshine gal said... is Time to grow up..U hd been harboring a vry Ideal Idea about Life but it isnt so...Life often shatters all myths of Life....Take Care..I'll always be there....

Dream catcher said...

many times ur poem do hurt the silence inside me

AVIANA said...


how are you? i hope all is good....yes there comes a time when we all have to grow up...some people find it hard to do....i do to....but to be an adult you have no other choice...

KAYLEE said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

prajyot said...

superb peom..just liked it...

phoenix said...

will do :)

i know...

@dream catcher

i think its time for me to actually grow up!

thanks a ton!


ani said...

u trust ur own instincts! :)

StandbyMind said...

It is indeed the time to grow up..
Really nice poem..:)

Minko said...

grow up, shud I say so? oh no dont grow up this soon:)!