Sunday, July 01, 2007

Will u believe me if I say-
"I understand"
will you care if I say-
"I will be there"
will you heed if I say
"you will be fine"
will you smile if I say
"there will be another tomorrow."
Will you reach out if I say
“I ll hold your hand”
Will you cry if I say
“I ll b gone some day?”

Will you hug me?
When I need you the most…
Will you be there?
If there is no tomorrow
Will you love me back?
If I say I love you?
Will you walk with me
A hundred miles
Your hand laced in mine
Into the golden sunset
In unhappiness or in bliss
In desolation or desperation?


`NEFTY said...

Wowwwwww, very deep emotions in this poem.

KAYLEE said...

WOWWWW! Great poem! lot of differents emotions in it!

ani said...

luv the new layout! it's beautiful! but wats lovelier is the poem... its heart wrenching yet so so warm! :)

phoenix said...

thank you

you see nothing much good in me!:P

layout is by mandy...heck her out...she is in my list!
thanks btw :)

KAYLEE said...

AM I Saying too many good things about you? is that what you are saying?

phoenix said...

all im saying you are a good soul:D

KAYLEE said...

oH OKAY,WELL IN THAT CASE,Thank you!I strive to be that way!

phoenix said...

heheh i am sure u dont need to strive...

do u have a yahoo messenger or gtalk?cud we chat?my mail id is

KAYLEE said...

I got aim..thats all.

KAYLEE said...

did you see my latest post on my blog?

KAYLEE said...

and i do have yahoo dont use it much though!

phoenix said...

then why dont u go to and log in yahoo and add me?we can chat
im being hopeful here....i ll check ur blog right away

KAYLEE said...

are u on?

KAYLEE said...
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Shamash said...

emotionless and still
she stood by the window engulfed in his presence

emotional and flitting
she had understood
the meaning of the clouds meeting


phoenix said...


Dream Catcher said...

gosh! u r so much in love...

kaylee said...


kaylee said...

i keep coming back and reading thi s over and over:)

Rajeev said...

wonderful poem :)

peace & love

rashi said...

really liked this one..
very apt n amazingly written...
nice read !