Thursday, August 09, 2007

A bus ride home!

I teach this kid English once a week...bus ride to her place is pleasant and almost comfortable....the child herself is cheerful and diligent...but the nightmare begins when i wait for the bus ride home....if i am lucky i get my bus almost within 15 minutes if my bad luck is truly bad,then i have to hope and pray,only then the bus appears.....a fully packed bus...with people hanging from it swerves round the corner into the lane and halts several meters away from where it should....somehow i manage to grab the handrail.....when it speeds off to the next stop...once i am on the bus,i know for sure i ll reach home,bruised and body aching but otherwise on time....

Today was truly terrific.An experience i ll remember throughout my life as i got to practiced my clawing skills.AS i stood on one foot,clinging onto the back of a seat with my nails or i would have been flung on several unhygienic sweaty men....within 10 minutes a few people got down so i finally managed to stand properly and breathe easy only then this FAT lady choose to get down;she tried really hard to squeeze through but couldn't [people please start working out lol!] i felt my breath whooshing out when i realized that successfully she crossed me....phew!!i thought the worst was over but nooo.....a lady with her young chubby son got up....though i love kids i could say this one meant no time i felt a tug at my back pocket and voila!there was the pest clinging onto me and onto the back pocket of my jeans and seeing the kids weight!i prayed that the pocket didnt tear.His mom says "he must like you very much,don't mind his sticky muddy hands,after games he likes to eat an ice cream" "there are things in the worlkd called napkins or washes" i thought,i just managed to keep a calm face and forced my self to if this wasn't bad...i felt pressed up against men in the most shameful way it would make my mom faint is he was to see her daughter like this...gawd! but tough luck i had to get home and i had no choice...a person gotta do what she gotta do :( ...and its better i forget just how many feet stamped and brushed my freshly laundered jeans damn!!i got off the bus with my pony tail half undone with hair all askew,with stains of grubby hands on my back pocket and foot prints of several sizes as a souvenir on my jeans...howz that for an experience??moral of the story is:never ever wear your fresh laundered jeans on a public bus and guys please do use deodorants!arrrghh!!


Minko said...

yup, a bloody humorous take on life inside a public bus...humour is a pretty way to cover up the ugliness of ur experience...

always look on the bright side of life...monty python aptly said that!

phoenix said...

@minko da

heheh yeaaaah right!lol! :D

Bla said...

"...humour is a pretty way to cover up the ugliness of ur experience..."

True. And satire covers up the absurd of our experience.

Keshi said...

** got off the bus with my pony tail half undone with hair all askew,with stains of grubby hands on my back pocket and foot prints of several sizes as a souvenir on my jeans

I'd just freak out n scream if that happened to!


Keshi said...

yes u may link worries at all :)


phoenix said...

yeah!kind of :)

@ keshi

and thanks :)

Sam said...

ah!! the banes of travelling in a public bus in kolkata!! i'm always put off by it... mroe so after i left the city!! now the thought send shivers down my spine... i still remember how i lost a pair of glasses which simply flew off thanks to an errant elbow.. and landed square beneath the tires of an oncoming vehicle... there went my most precious and fav glasses.. since den.. vowed not get expensive glasses as long as i'm travelling by bus!!

Rashi said...

as u must've had a nice experience riding i had much more reading...

fully humorous...those filty smelling men wud die if they were to read this..they must be flaunting there bathing bars all around :)

Cin said...

Very well put and humorous. I could feel your pain, hee hee. I like this light hearted view of life that you have been showing lately.

Lotsa love

phoenix said...

aww :(


yeah rite..trying to grow up :P

Astraeus said...


starry nights said...

Seems lik u really had a bad time coping up wid d ppl in d crowded bus.Bt really humorous way 2 put things 2gethr

Jeya Anand said...

hahhaha....very bad...though hilarious...:)

KAYLEE said...

great post how are ya?

AVIANA said...

hey there!

i have not been to your site in a bit...i'm sorry...

i'm currently in san francisco for my dance intensive thus i don't ahve access to the computer except for now!! yay!

thought i would pass by and say hi!

sorry about the grubby kid..really it's the mom you should be mad..he's being a kid and knows no better...she should know that her kid should not be touching other people period..oh well

i gotta to you soon!

relations said...

the public buses is the best thing that connects you to India..
i hav been a commuter for about four years now... and i just love it..
you get to learn so many new things in meet so many new kind of people..
these buses in a way represent our life.. the struggle to get a seat.. to manage not to lose your cool in pesky situations..
and so many other things they teach us..
i recommend a local bus ride as an alternative to meditation..