Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chak De, India

Chak De India opened to a Shahrukh khan following among hoots,whistles and loud is an out and out sharukh khan's movie,undiluted and absolute.One just cant seem to have enough.A non-existent women's hockey team,a corrupt association,team politics and a blame of a lifetime and in walks Kabir khan against all odds to coach what seemed like a hopeless team towards womens hockey world cup.

the movie has the right blend of patriotism,love for sport and enough masala to make it an entertainer and outright hit.but,what is noticeable is the following of a trend.Laagan revolving around cricket and feeling of nationalism was a major success and a trend setter and post laagan Chuk de seems to follow in its footsteps in well assessed and calculated way.what with the Badshah himself in the movie,who made fallen player and coach of women's hockey team come to life.only Shakrukh can do justice to the role which would otherwise make the movie monotonous and dull to watch for the 2 and a 1/2 hour.what is commendable that a movie based on a not so popular sport with absolutely no heroine for back up and not even one frame of romance,the film stood up on its own.there were parts where the movie seemed to drag but great cinematography and gripping action kept people glued to their seats,a good screen play can do wonders to an already experimented plot.there are just two songs in the movie:chak de and maula.chak de stir your patriotic soul.

Chak De’ makes you go through myriad emotions. You empathize with the pain of the protagonist, cherish the clashes and camaraderie of the girls, and you are filled with an uplifting, charged-up feeling as you see the underdogs rise to the occasion. Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh), the best centre-forward in Indian hockey team, misses the crucial, last-minute penalty stroke against Pakistan and is blamed for the Indian team’s defeat in the finals. So much so, he is labeled gaddar (betrayer) by his own fellow countrymen. Disgraced and dishonored for one momentary failure, Kabir Khan leaves his parental house with his mother and disappears into oblivion.Seven years later he appears again, not as a player but as a coach of a bunch of girls in whom even the Hockey Federation has no confidence. Kabir Khan has just three months to coach and train these girls for the Hockey World Cup in Australia. Using very unconventional methods, Kabir Khan manages to create a team spirit among the girls. But some differences remain, only to be sorted out in the World Cup tournament in Australia, which the team must win to make India proud. But Kabir Khan is fighting for more than pride for India. For him the victory would bring redemption (for his momentary failure 7 years ago) and reclamation of his lost honour. And when that moment of reckoning does come, he looks on with disbelief in his teary eyes.this is the one movie which made the audience sit back even after the names rolled on and the narration finally end.


KAYLEE said...

LOVE it!

KAYLEE said...
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Keshi said...

Im gonna say this for the 100th time today..ChakDe was shot in Aus woohoo! LOL!


Ashu said...

SRK is greatest. i am in his awe. Great great actor. And CDI is equally great as well.......

Besides great blog. Absolutely great. Blogrolling you........

Do visit mine.........



phoenix said...


yeah he is..go aussies!!

yeah sure,would be my pleasure

AVIANA said...


i am back and glad to read your posts! well a little more john abraham will do you know....

how are you? I hope good...

khan is not my favorite although he looks awesome in this pic you have here...however i loved him in ASOKA because he had long hair and I am a sucker for long hair!

thanks for the review..i hope things are well and will talk to you soon again!


annie said...

CDI was AWESOME!!!! i don't watch movies a second time but am a go go & ga ga over this one. SRK just swept me off mah feet.Phew!!

relations said...

critical review..
SRK only could do just to the role..
but the movie was not only about him..
all the girls' job was awesome..
remember their accentuated tones, they completely represented the states they mentioned..
there was not a single episode of not-so-good acting by anyone of them..
rember the bindiya nayak in washroom, balbir fighting with rafree on the field,komal chautala arguing with chandigarh gal..
each one of them did justice to their part..

phoenix said...

yeah yeah i loved it too!!