Thursday, August 23, 2007


I wish my mind was a laptop.Then the thoughts going through my mind could easily be stored to be posted later as a blog post.While at college,or on the bus ride to my tuition's or on my walk home,amidst people or simply while lazing around there are trillions of things that keeps running through my mind.I make a mental note,sometimes i even list them down,but its never the same.its tough to recall every thought in its minutest detail.Shame really!!I've become a tad bit dishonest to my blog lately.I still do blog about my life,my thoughts and feelings.however i have become a bit selective over the topics i choose to blog about:specially ever since my post "surviving times",unwanted bloggers still lurked around trying to seek voyeuristic pleasure.Anyways,i had made a list of topics to blog about this month and they are almost all done,you see i am passionate about my blog,she is my best friend you know...are you smirking at me for making lists and note about this??well,go on laugh at me but i can't help it,i am a perfectionist.I simply can't deal with lackadaisical people,or unplanned things,a crease here or there,bad handwriting or even people with atrocious manners and idiosyncrasies.It totally FREAKS me out!!Gawd!!i get nervous and hyper when things happen unplanned.I just hate loosing games.I'm practical,meticulous and i analyze ALOT!Ok so i am a carbon copy of Monica from the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.I am a freak so??


Tubbyy said...

Raka, Raka, Raka,

You are a energy powerhouse. It reflects in your blog. Your words say huge expressions.

You have caught me awestruck with your post. Weird places evoke great thoughts in me like in a bus on the way home or standing in a queue for lunch or heck at every place when i m away from lappie.

Hell i cant even note down the thoughts. they are so fast....and when i do try to recall the thoughts while actually writing, the intensity is gone....

You rock girl, you really do!!!

Ashu said...

Brilliant and awesome.

Need i say more.....

BTW i m waitin for your visits on my blog.

Added ya on gtalk. And also on my plethora of blog pals.

Hugggz for a rocking post.........


Rajeev said...

Well, Sometimes i too wish my mind was like a laptop!
I would have never failed in my exams then! ;) heheh! :D
Perfectionist eh!? I guess u shud be happy bout being a perfectionist! :)
there is absolutely nothing wrong in making lists about what u want to write, as far as u are passionate about it, and what u write makes sense! :D
*dont remove this post*

peace & love

Qurrat said...

okay i haven read the whole post but just the first few lines...mamn thats what i feel too. i emean there are so many feelings that u domnt know how to word them and by the time u actually open yr PC to write them out u have forgotten half of them
i just had so many of em and the posting page is right in front but i cant even think of writrin a word

The Black King said...

Nice post... and I do understand your predicament when you have to filter what you choose to write. Sometimes, you know, it is better to let go and just write it out --- who cares what other people think? Don't let them judge you: stick to your beliefs and you'll come out victorious!

P.S. - Thanks for dropping by my blog... I'll keep visiting too!

Ritesh Kumar said...

Hmmm... Good blog. Liked it. It's true our mental thinking is continuosly in progress and we remember only the interesting ones. But if our mind were a laptop, every bad moments, happenings,etc would be present along with the good ones. So, it's really better that our mind is not a laptop that at least we have the liberty of forgetting the bad/unhappy happenings or thoughts. Anyway, written nicely. Hope someday u would become a good writer. Keep writing.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Hi Raka,

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I liked this 'me' post.

Girl(guess), its lovely. keep it up.

KAYLEE said...


DreamCatcher said...

wow!! u planned everything...:) well glad to c u writing with full heart..:)

starry nights said...

How i wish that i was able 2 plan things like u and implement accordingly!!(feelin a bit jealous here)
Gr8 post..likd d way u wrote it in such simple manner.

KAYLEE said...


phoenix said...

*blush* *blush*

yup added you back :)

okies for you i wont!:P

i understand

@the black king
i dont fear what other will think!its just that my blog is not for voyeuristic pleasure but i will keep your words in mind

aww thats soo sweet :)

@The Ancient Mariner
girl it is!:D


@dream catcher

ahem hope you learnt now what freaks me out and will behave accordingly!:P


A Liberated Soul said...

Wanabe writer? Wow! I got to keep an oxford dictionary handy.

annie said...

Good idea..ear-marking blog topics for the month.

wildflower said...

wah wah!
liked Monica too..will come back often now! :)

`NEFTY said...

Hey huns!