Thursday, August 23, 2007


It feels so strange to interact with people who were "Friends" once but not anymore.they give you those blank looks with no warmth and you,who now have learn't the lesson,and now are like them,look back with the skill to look through their facade. A little perception can do wonders,naive of you who had believed in the good in all but now you know better.They are indifferent but so are you.But your eye notices all without missing anything.A sad smile and a flicker of recognition is the only proof that you realize the change and not lament,which goes unnoticed.And that is just the way you want it.

People no longer make eye contacts!Are they afraid to reveal more than they want?or they fear any kind of connection?why is this fear lurking in their hearts, not to be the person they are trying to dissimulate?

You have learn't among many things,to keep a safe distance even among friends and not waste your emotions on irrelevance.but you have distanced your loved ones too,lest familiarity breeds contempt.Being alone may make you lonesome but it prevents you from being with people who violates your sentiments and use it to their advantage.So now you spare none.You have stopped being benevolent.

Funny how people say you have "changed"!!Just because you don't lap at their feet anymore!If growing up and trying to be a bit selfish for your betterment is being changed well then probably you are.They do it too.Better be the 'moron-who has changed' rather than being a doormat!

A leaf out of my daily journal.


Minko said...

Believe me, it actuaaly is the commonest syndrome of adulthood...growing up is a queer process!

Jeya Anand said...

"Better be the 'moron-who has changed' rather than being a doormat!"

that was nice!!

Sharad Mathur said...

that was nice. I believe that everbody changes with time and one shud accept the fact :)


annie said...

True..true...true..nicely put!

Ashu said...

The people who say you have changed, they forget the thing they have changed themselves.

The upright nature is being taken to be changed and that is bloody ridiculous. People cannot hold you on their ransoms. The people who walk out of the life and dont matter a heck or 2, should nt be the one who should call the shots on judging.

Besides, well written post. Your literary level is way brilliant, something which I cannot dream of even in my wildest of sleep!!!

Bla said...

"People no longer make eye contacts!"

In nowadays this is so true.

phoenix said...

@minko da
yea it is


i have finally accepted it!

thank you

*blush**blush* dont say that i love urs too...hey lets not compare...:)

phoenix said...

yeah it is!!:(

Rajeev said...

Well I guess it is better in a way! :P
Who would want to make contact with sore eyed ppl! :P

peace & love

phoenix said...

yeah maybe..

Sunshine gal said...

When you can't change the world to suit your needs, better change your perception to suit your journey..LOL..You r being pessimistically optimistic...I like that Attitude...
So, no more "i understand...Tk cr...Lifez hard kinda gyaan 4m me..."

I dont want 2 rub you da wrong way....Be what you are..A go getter!!!!!Luv Ya Gal..

Priya said...

friendship has ben kinda non-existent in my cant comment on it...i don't have a single friend whom i can count upon..:)

though,i guess its ok