Monday, August 13, 2007

A whole new world!

I have been unhappy before
my heart has bled
and the mind had cried
but not anymore.

I have lost old friends
so i have stopped making new
retained the ones who have stayed
loving them even more

Life has brought so many changes
so i have changed my life
living recklessly on the edge
and embraced it for what it is

Now its a different world
i have learn't how to live
i have defeated hurt and pain
i have amended my flaws!

No more grief,no more pain
no more worries or disdain!
i have mastered them all
and im happy again!!



Tugga said...

Wow phoenyyy u r back 2 being happy......Need 2 draw some inspiration frm u

KAYLEE said...

wow thats great :P

Keshi said...

omg this verse says so much abt my life too!

btw I replied to ur comment at my blog :) Abt Brett Lee hehehe.


Sam said...

hey dats an amazing view of things!! how do you do it?? btw, somehow it sems that u choose to be happy at teh cost of things equally important!! think abt dat??

Jeya Anand said...

thats great to hear u are happy!!:)

phoenix said...

i am trying pal....


gr8 isnt it?

well not really...after the things that happened to me...its relevant to those...i may sound harsh but i am not...certain things seem correct when seen from the correct prospective.. :)

phoenix said...

not totally but trying...

Minko said...

i know u r honest to ur feelings...still u r 19...the words seemed quite aged to me, i felt like i saw the wrinkles of wisdom beneath the surface ...i mean at the nadir of my derisive depression i still can't think of mastering my feelings...when a poet or say, an individual says he has mastered it all, dat indicates his stoicism...and stoics are, well stoics.
dont master them all raka, bleed a little bit more, just try to get off the indifference curve of happiness.
Thats it, no more bragging about...

phoenix said...

@minko da..
stoic and me??just growing up u know