Tuesday, September 25, 2007

and down came the rain!

It had rained cats and dogs last 3 days.kolkata was floating and i had to at the same ghisa pita khichuri [khichri] and omlettle.monday morning brought with it more blues than usual:reason?well i had a test that day and secondly it was raining and i didnt feel like studying,forget giving exams.sheesh!somehow i peruaded the"class sneak" to approach our mam and delay our test.god must be feeling benevolent that day,mam postponed it till friday.whooopie!!what fun!been reading blogs,surfing and basking in india's win in the semi's the day before when a call came:

tua-ai tuiki free?[are u free?]

me-yeah keno re?bore hocchey ashbi?[im feeling bored wanna come over?]

tua-dara ashchi aktu porey adda marbo[wait coming in sometime,we can chat]

In 15 min or so my childhood friends turned up.after pestering the life out of some people who became the victims of our crazy and whacky ways.tua, putu and me did some really silly stuff to pass time as we munched on biscuits and snacks.soon we were bored and the weather was amazing so we decided to go out and survey the neighborhood.we made paper boats of different shapes and sizes, wore chappels carrying umbrellas in tow we padded though the water logged streets chit chatting.it was great fun!what with us trying to find dry land whenever a huge car came speeding by threatening to drench us and the chill in the air made our teeth clatter.if i were you i would try this out just once,really perks up ur day and lifts ur spirit specially since rains brings with it a lot of gloom and boredom.


inihos said...

i get drenched by cars every second day...so it doesnt feel too good.
and I haven't had khichuri and omlette in a long time...would love to

phoenix said...

heheh :) poor you :P

santhosh said...

"class sneak"????? Jeez! He should be embellished and decked in gold, have an Orkut community started in his name, and have him write one of those "self-HELP" books!!!!

KAYLEE said...


Abhishek Khanna said...


adrija said...

hey hey luvd dis one...its abt us afterall..n my name there 2...!lol!

Ashu said...

i hate rains. they r gloomy and bring bad luck to me.

however this post is good one, though most of the stuff went over my head.

Drama Div@ said...

I know many people that say,
rain brings goodness and luck. Not sure if this is true or not...

Anyway I hope you have a good weekend. I know I will.

annie said...

i just know 2 things in bong:

khoob bhalo
aami tamake bhalo bashi (wateva way it goes)

hehe i know i goofed up some words there.