Friday, September 21, 2007

down the dark alleys
into the dreary dungeons
torches ablaze
as the warriors stand
with focussed eyes
and swords in hand.
waiting restlessly
for the battle to begin.

soon it will be time
and the duel will begin
swords will clink
and it will be a gory fight
between good and evil
right and wrong
fair and foul!

the duel will kill and mark,
hearts will cry out.
scarred and bruised
the warrior of light
would emerge,

blood had poured,
wounds been inflicted.
hooded in darkness,
evil would hide his face.
he will be disarmed,
and over powered,
he will surrender in defeat
as the warrior of light
would march on!


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thank you

annie said...

Simply brilliant!!

Sunshine gal said...

The interplay of Light and Darkness is interesting....Why didn't u give this piece of writing any name????