Sunday, September 16, 2007

Freshers Welcome

Our department is organizing the "freshers welcome" for the newbies along with the International Relations department [Ipsy's dept :)] even in my wildest dream i never knew organizing a freshers would be this exhausting and excruciatingly painful.firstly, we were not getting a date to book our indoor stadium, then we fell few thousands of rupees short of any kind of decent budget but then the prospect of giving a joint freshers saved the day. we are pooling in our resources.

organizing a fresher is a huge responsibility,with ten different people and their views and wants.we zeroed in on an English band called "Crimson Dust" and we also confirmed "Hades Fire"-the lead vocalist is our professors niece.then suddenly it was decided that we were not having two English bands,but 1 Bengali and 1 English band.then we spoke to a band called "infusion",after everyone's consent we confirmed them by giving them an advance.then the [initially]laidback men of our class found out that infusion is a C grade we cancelled them,lost the advance money.we could not afford to pay a professional band but we could afford some popular but less expensive then i had cancelled with crimson tides, so in the end we settled with this band called "Sankromon".

When the program for the evening was finally decided.the man who would give us the light and sound started posing problems.he hiked the budget by a few thousand rupees,somehow i begged and pleaded him to reduce the amount,thankfully he did.then we couldn't get hold of the man who would put up the stage,he brought our budget down by a few hundred rupees.phew!when these things were progressing,we all started begging our classmates to make their contribution.and that was one of the greatest problems.people who made tall talks,that they could do better,and that money is no object it should be of correct approach,these were the ones who actually floundered to pay up.we left no stone unturned and collected what we should have,to make an equal sponsor er of this show.As if these problems were not enough,date problems put us in a tight spot with the Indoor Stadium,where this program is going to be held.and not just that,the E[ngineering]-faculty people got drunk and got booze within university campus and even got now the Registrar has issued a new rule,that all program's should end latest by 6pm.

Usually we begin at 1pm and end by 10pm,6pm onwards is the band with the new rule we are beginning at11am.with performances from both the department and then the bands.its one colossal task.the ones who are there organizing it are having a nightmarish life with this freshers sitting on our is tough,collecting money from people and handling the is a matter of huge responsibility.i am just thankful that my pal Ipsy is the coordinator from the IR department,since we are compatible on a personal level,its easier to work towards a big budget show like this.we both are even wearing saree and she is staying over the night before,so tomorrow promises to be a helluva time.i just wish day after tomorrow the "Freshers Welcome" is of a good standard and it is as enjoyable to the UG-1's as it had been for us,when we were freshers.


Abhishek Khanna said...

phew..i remember the song frm GURU
jaage hain der tak hame kuch der sone dooooooooo... :D

Astraeus said...

..and twas a great freshers