Friday, September 07, 2007

Here's What Happened

11.20PM, 5TH Sept

samik:"sorry i am late,should have called you before. are you sleepy??if you are then go to bed

me:"yeah i am[ in anger]."

samik:"ok!goodnite then talk to you later!"

me:" [whaaaaat!!]okies goodnite!" rather sternly

usually we talk till midnight and at the stroke of 12 he wishes me but this time it didn't happen so i m in the sourest of mood.

12AM,6TH Sept
sms's calls all flooding in
all replied and then began my restlessness,i just couldnt sleep.


i wink open an eye trying to figure out the time.i almost die of an heart attack that despite going to bed a few hours back i was up. groggily i switched my cell on and immediately msgs poured in and so did calls.

finally got off the phone with kaku's and kakimas,jethas and jethis[uncles and aunts]i decided to check my mail

i jump with joy!my bro called and we had a nice chat.that was probably the best gift so far. we even decided to meet up later in the day.yay!

still in my night clothes..i was doing what i love:blogging and orkutting when a pal called.while on the phone and then i saw two people enter my room and i screamed as if i had seen a friends khyati and ria got me a birthday cake.that was the best surprise ever.we were all chatting when abhinandan turned up and it was on helluva time for me.

samik calls.get ready by 1.30 we are meeting.

sorry i am delayed make that 2.i was fuming by then.first you forget my birthday and then you fix up a time and that too you delay.

buzzzzzz.hey i have arrived where are you?[o my!i must have dozed off waiting for him.i hurried and rushed off to meet him]

we meet and after many attempts my ATM doesn't work.frustrated samik takes me out.he rides in one place for 5 minutes until i spot my best pal and her boyfriend waving at me...i am puzzzled is it a coincidence or a preplanned thing.

shock has been replaced with pleasure of having my close pals around for my birthday and even more touched that samik arranged all this just for me.i had no inkling he had the number of my friends..

in walks two of my childhood pals into the delight had no boundaries i was happier than i have been in months.too overwhelmed for words.this was the biggest surprise ever and truly the best.

we all parted.i had to buy my samik and i headed towards the mall.

i met my oldest school friend. and it was just perfect.meeting all my close friends minus the unwanted elements in my was the most enjoyable time ever.

i headed home to change and samik went to meet his friend

we meet again.went to grab a bite and then on a long bike ride.

we met my brother boudi[sister-in law,actually my bro's girl friend]send me a card and chocolates....yummy...we munched on chocolates and had a delightful conversation.i even spoke to boudi for the first time and we bonded well.

we headed home.samik dropped me bro came home in a different route[lest our parents come to know]and i was too tired to do anything and extremely sleepy too,after the excitement the whole day.

i call my bro and as him to come to the veranda.i lower the bag with a rope tied to it.within it i sent him my birthday cake.

i am too tired to even speak yet i manage to stay up enough to thank samik for all he has done for it.truly i had an amazing time.for a person who never enjoyed her birthday this was a first and i truly had the time of my life.


the lost_poet said...

Ah, Now that is some birthday!

Well, what bout ur blog tempate? Did u figure something out? I recently did up Suki's template. U can check it out. she has changed her url. as of now, it is -

lemme know.


ani said...

lovely li'l birthday!!! :)))

awwwwwwwwwwsum!!!! ~lucky lil princes!!!! :)

starry nights said...

Well that sounds like u realy had a gr8 birthday.I'm glad that i cud b a part of one of ur most memorable birthday.

oomi said...

enjoy the every moment dear!

phoenix said...



tubby said...

Tremendous.........U had a greatest of ur bday girl!!! a

jealous of ya!!!

Anonymous said... so glad that you had such a lovely time with us..Later met Samik again....He must hv told u...Tk Cr...

Ashu said...

belated budday gurl!!!

Jeya Anand said...

belated happy birthday raka!!

looks like you had celebrated it the best way possible!! rock on!!