Sunday, September 23, 2007

India wins!

The world cup twently20's are on and it has taken the cricket loving nations by is a fun 20 over match between all cricketing nations.being of just 20 overs long it is a delight,less time but action packed just what probably all cricket fans need,so no need of staying up all night and risk getting up early for the next day,just 3 hours of action packed match,which is a great threat to the 3 hour flicks.

Yesterday India beat Australia in the semi finals to climb the ladder to finals to face arch rivals Pakistan.last world cup India had lost woefully, so it can be guessed,that Indians were prepared to squash the Aussies at their game seeking revenge for what they had to face at 2004 world cup.with the sixer specialist Yuvraj Singh,who had once hit 6,sixes to win in the last match,made the fastest 50 in just 12 balls.hitting all around the wicket leaving no area untouched;and new skipper M S Dhoni with his good wicket keeping and energetic hits,accompanied by Rohit Sharma at the wicket and India had nothing to loose.Harbhajan ,Sreesamth and Pathan took it upon themselves to get rid of Hayden who was a distinct threat but Sreesanth cured him by stumping to be dismissed was Symonds,he was bowled by Harbhajan bowled Micheal Clarke.the Aussies were left with 22 off the last over and for once that was an impossible task for the so called world champions.Joginder Sharma took two wickets and a dynasty crumbled giving India the ticket to the finals.


Ashu said...

Wow, thats sounds ubercool. Tremendous. You have good cricketing acumen. Dada s influence ? lol

phoenix said...

when you are the daughter who is treated like a son its hard not to get caught up with so called men stuff..."the tea provider" to my dad has learnt a lot and more so if you have good reasons like watching the hotties to perform ...why not??? :P

Tubbyy said...
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Tubbyy said...

Yesterday was a huge victory and my blog wud be testimony for this. I have screamed like nething..........Awwaz baitha hua he!!!

its odd to find girls interested in cricket n at that correct with facts. u get it right on both fronts. wow......multi faceted personality!!!

Neha Nair said...

awesome matc n post!...I never expected India to beat the aussies... but dhoni n sharma did a good job... proud of them...n gud that the team got rid of sachin

crazyBugga said...

man... next time i miss an india match, i kno where to come [:)]

Ashu said...

Neha : Control your words. have some respect for the great man

Keshi said...

Knew that India wud get another chance to prove they're equally CAPABLE (since WORLD CUP) :)

Good on them!


phoenix said...

hey pal i like sachin too :(master blaster give him some credit

i am all for you


not good great on them!should have seen the face of the aussies!man!what a sight

Drama Div@ said...

hats off to the Indian cricketers!!