Friday, September 28, 2007

Social Menace 2

I have always heard from people and felt so myself,that Kolkata is one of the safest places in India,with caring people and and a safe environment.but in the past one month,whenever i opened the newspaper,the news of a street killing greeted last one month over 30 deaths took place,all due to rash driving and demeaning behavior.

a young girl is abused by the conductor and taken a stop ahead and then dropped because she had dared to protest to the leacheous comments of the conductor,as other passengers looks on in silence.

a lady is kicked on her face and chest because she protested to the rash driving.

a school going kid is pushed off the bus because she wanted to get off and no one protested.

a lady got slapped by an auto rickshaw man because she accused him of delaying her and by standers just looked on.

a man lay bleeding, a police car and pilot car of a minister passes but doesn't save the man, a call center employee who got hurt while trying to save an ambulance.he bled to death.

baring these few cases there are loads more which have made to the headlines of the newspapers and then sank into oblivion.drivers and conductors booked on murder and mis-conduct charges but set free on action ever taken,the government is concerned but helpless.why???these drivers and conductors have guilds and unions which support the government,and before elections the govt cant do anything to upset them.people continue to suffer and fall to their fate due to drivers without a licence [states policy to give job to those who are unemployed lest they become thief's and murderers] shame really,when the whole city is aware of such nuisance it fails to take an action.where mothers are crying for their lost children,and other mothers sending their kids out of the roads at the risk of their lives, the Govt for and by the people are sitting tight cashing in their dreams of winning elections.


KAYLEE said...

:( sad!!!!!!!!

Ashu said...

Thats aghast and shocking :O