Thursday, November 01, 2007


Just 25 days are left for my semester exams and the mania is back.blogging is totally an addiction,something that i cannot be cured of.its at a crucial time like this that i feel like painting and blogging.seems like my creative flow is now bountiful and just refuses to cease.i don't know whether i should be happy or cry at the sad timing of this.i guess Ipsy was right when she said that blogging is therapeutic for me,whether unhappy or stressed happy or under pressure blogging is something that keeps me ticking...

this sem is a bummer like the first one...i am sure my first paper is gonna be pathetic which is Tamil,moreover my Indian segment i am sure will not go any better, Europe segment may help me save some face.GOD!please save me.this time i really need to concentrate and not indulging into this addiction of mine....


FireWhisky said...

awww all d besties sweets!!! jst hold on 2 ur sanity and all will b well... hugs n prayers!!!

btw - cool pic on d blog... vry peppy

Jeevy said...

just like the old times eh!?
hehe! dont worry u will do fine! :)
my exams strtn on 21st :(
i so hate it.

peace & love

Abhishek Khanna said...

eggjaaaaaaaaaams.. yipie.. college khatam to ab no eggjams

Winged Fantasy said...

:-) Dont worry. You will do well. All the best!

And sorry my name doesnt link back to my blog. Here is the url


preetilata said...

wowww..the new look of ur blog is simply beautiful.

xmsssssss..... it mns m not d only one whoz blogging wen d xms r just a stone throw away. thnx a ton 4 giving me d company :P...lolz

bst of lck 4 ur xms. m sure u will do ur bst.

bhalo theko
:) :) :)

phoenix said...

i am amateur at this template thingy...trying my hand out.. :P but thanks anyways

you truly are a saviour to me regarding these tempalte stuff :D thanks a million

:( i wouldnt know..still1 and half years of grads left along with 2 year post grads :( :(

thanks for the link ya...really needed it... :)

thank you thank you
1.for keeping me company :D
2.liking the new look...lot of effort went behind it.... :)

|qurt-man| said...

fist interioors and now painting.... ghaha ud better get to study!

Anurima said...

check my orkut album and you would realise how i too go bonkers before the sems. seriously.