Monday, October 22, 2007


These are some among the scores of pics i had taken during the pujas..hope you have an enjoyable time going through them all.

Samik and me on shoshti
My Niece:Roshni
Srimoyee and I
Sayanti and I
my mum

Daddy Cool
Ballygunj Cultural
Deshabpriyo Park
Shinghi Park
Ekdalia Evergreen
Priest during evening arati
Dhaki playing dhak
Born:my mom during her turn of doing boron
Sindur khela before bhashan


Sam said...

shubho bijoya!!excellent pics!! loved singhi park teh most!!

FireWhisky said...

locely pics... missin kolkata ka pujas yaar!!!

phoenix said...

thanks that was mine favourite too

i hope i have been able to bring back some of the things the things you soo miss...whenever in kolkata let me know...will surely visit you...

Pri said...

lovely pics! :)
shubho bijoya!!!

phoenix said...

subho bijoya :)

Meenakshi Singh said...

Hey Happy Durga Puja. Nice pics. :-)

Abhishek Khanna said...

cool pics

Suki said...

Oh, thank you thank you! Kolkata'r pujo dekha hoy ni, tui make-up diye dili!

Your niece is sooo cute, and you do look great - Bengali beauty - in the first pic. :).

And by the way - Shubho Bijoya! :)

Drama Div@ said...

wow it seems that you had alot of fun... and I really enjoyed looking at the photos...

Sameera said...

Lovely pics of you and your family!Belated Pujo wishes.Thanks so much for dropping by my space :)