Thursday, October 04, 2007

drinking for pleasure??

i soo wanna get drunk!

For your records i cannot stand the smell and taste of has a medicinal smell and is very distasteful.i have been brave enough to take a few sips but never really worshiped it.but i wanna drink and not just drink get DRUNK....i want to feel warm and fussy inside and forget everything for would say..sleep away and you are wont be conscious enough to remember or think..but i beg to differ..i want to be awake and then loose all awareness and just let go of all the unspoken shackles binding me:responsibility,morals,ethics or love.i don't want to feel,i just want to dig out the things buried deep within me which i don't even let myself acknowledge otherwise.

last Monday,one of my friends parents went out of we had another of our get-togethers. and as usual the guys drank all day like a tank.and i was feeling brave enough so i had three glasses of 2/3 fruiti and 1/3 vodka...i thought that was sufficient to get drunk,specially i did a great job at swallowing the gross white mischief vodka..yew!!and that too i did it while the guys were not looking, so i didn't get a beating for it! :D but all for nothing.i was NOT DRUNK.i just became very quite and reserved but i was ok! :( :( uwaaaaah... i so wanna get drunk!

now deciding to drink is probably the first step.then how when where and with whom to do it with?these questions arise.if you find a place and even decide a time you don't get a companion.and if you get all of the above then you don't get the permission to drink,mind you not by your parents or even friends but by the pub/restaurant authorities,reason??you are a woman and a woman must be accompanied by a male to be allowed to drink,are you thinking what crap??well no it is not,spoke to a friend today and she reported to me her personal experience.isn't this really silly.when men want to drink they can and when it comes to women they are not allowed,why? because they belong to the so called weaker sex.its 21st century people wake up!!and this kind of male chauvinistic attitude is total uncalled for in the city's most posh and elite area..what has the world come to.


Pri said...

well...there are women all over the world drinking their hearts out.the 21st century woman has every right to do all the things a man does and perhaps even more..havent u heard of "bewwwwwddddiiii"'s :p
its juss a matter of choice, if one chooses to drink, u sure can get drunk! :D

Cosmic Joy said...

I am trying to figure out what is at the core of your post.

Is it your wish to be free from your shackles (responsibility, morals, ethics, love) and reveal your inner soul?

Or is it to question the 21st century male chauvinistic society where women are considered the weaker sex?

If it is the former, drinking is one of many ways to achieve that .. but maybe not the safest way .. there are other means to do it too :-)

If it is the latter, here is my take on it. For the record I am one of the males, so take it with a pinch of salt ;)

Women are more prone to experiencing physical attacks than men. That is a fact and it doesnt change no matter which society you come from. And it is a fact that drinking causes a person's senses/defences to be lowered, and makes them more prone to attacks..

Therefore, most males (even the bad ones) take it as their moral responsibility to protect the women in their lives .. mothers, sisters, wives, friends .. unfortunately, this is mis-interpreted as male chauvinism.

I'm not against women drinking, or women going out and having a good time .. it is just that one has to take caution based on location and circumstances .. It is no different than women worrying about their men who go out in harm's way.

Terra said... that was freaky! You took the words outta my mouth! Thts exactly how I've been feeling for awhile now. Ok...tell you time you come to chennai or I come to Cal, we get together and get drunk! Ok?


KAYLEE said...

huh? you scare me.

AVIANA said...

hmm.. i feel you on this..but i think it's more of an issue of women we are more vulnerable to attacks in particular rapes...the less conscious, sober you are..the easier of a target you are from men who won't respect you....but if you're with a group of your girls...go for'll be protected by your friends...have a nice weekend!

Keshi said...

I never get drunk...usually I take abt 2 glasses when Im at a party...and thats abt it. Im pretty responsible and thats also cos I drive ard...and I never drink n drive anyways.

But just once, we planned to get drunk to see the effects of alcohol on me. I wrote a post on that experience...go here:

after reading that u'd never wanna be DRUNK.


FireWhisky said...

well m nt relly a fan f drining myslf... ive see hw it affect d ppl arnd u if it is uncontrolled... mgr i agree wid pri... there r women hu drink... mayb nt openly... bt they do... n as 4 ds society thingy labelling them "lose" n all tat crap... if u want 2 do something, do it n dnt apologise 4 it... let em say wt they want... their bark is wrse than their bite...

Abhishek Khanna said...

cheers.. !!! hic.. hic..

Anurima said...

Hahaha... well erm. thanks. :)

we will someday, promise.

phoenix said...

thanks for all the comments i had a great time reading it :)

i really hope so :)

i havent really thought of it that way..thanks for adding another prospective :)

hmm u r right!

this deal is so on :)
*clink* cheers!!

i ll look it up :)

u r 14 how can you even think of driinking??
ok i ll stop acting like the older sis..sorry :P

lalitha said...

getting drunk just for the feel of it....
its all a matter of how u look at it.
but hey...
zara samhalke...
n btw.. nice blog!

Jadis said...

Haven't we all thus wondered?
As far as I am concerned, getting drunk does nothing to lift my mood when I'm down. It makes me feel worse. But getting drunk when I'm happy feels good.
Funny eh?

`NEFTY said...

LOL :]]]] Enjoy yourself!

KAYLEE said...


phoenix said...

thank you



Jeya Anand said...

hey...white mischief isn't really good..try smirnoff...that too flavoured....thats really really good...and u would never know u had drunk vodka..just like a cool drink;)

Jeya Anand said...

I had written something abt this..."INEBRIATED"...check if u like it...

Nothingman said...

Weeellll girls drinking are cool, i know girls who can drink better than guys, and its fun having house parties with them cuz they like to 'mother' up the guys by making drinks :D

To get need alcohol, drink it, play some pink floyd, and have good friends around. Thats all, and never drink alone! its bad!

G' Luck!!