Sunday, October 07, 2007


i have waited for him to change
but he has disappointed me
more than once.
he had promised to try
but never had.
again and again he had begged
for a chance,and i had complied.
but each time i was let down.

then i told him i cant take it no more,
he promptly replied
i know that your expectations
i am unable to fulfill
and i can do nothing about it
i respect your decision.
and i understand if you must leave.
as easily as that it was all over.
END had arrived.

there it was all gone
without even a fight
a perfect life and lifetime of love
all gone without a trace
all in a moment of haste.
is this what they call love?
i wouldn't know.
i have tried and i've failed
and had to let go
and now, this is my fate.

P.S-i haven't broken up relationship is on exact a month i will be ready to take a major step,towards or away from it.then on,there wont be too many break ups and patch ups,just the "end".it all began with a plea for another chance,yes this has happened a million times before,all were unsuccessful and all times i am taking one last gamble to save the our relationship, that means the world to me.i know by the looks of it now things wont improve,he wont do anything for us/me.but this one last time,for the sake of "us" i am being patient to see what he does what is required to make life different for us.a long long wait await me ahead.adios!


Cin said...

Beautifully said

curryegg said...

Sometime conflict happen because of bad communication. Is that the problem? ANyway.. I hope you can handle it..

all the best.

phoenix said...


not a lack of communication anymore :(

Terra said...

Hi phoenix,

I hope things work out for the both of you. If your guy is even slightly smart he wont give up on a girl who seems to love him so much :)

BTW does he know about your blog?

phoenix said...

yes,he is aware and reads me quite frequently :(thanks a lot for being there

Drama Div@ said...

Travelling the road alone is no fun!

phoenix said...

@drama diva
true...but if there is no alternative it it..its compulsory and not by choice

KAYLEE said...

awww thats sad:(

FireWhisky said...

d poem is beautiful... the eng major student in me wantd 2 analyze it furthr bt my exam hs jst ended n my brain hs suspended its funstions until 2mrw... i love wt uv written tho... sometime its best 2 jst cut ur loses n mk a fresh strt...

n as 4 things on d personal front... i knw ur strong enuf 2 handle it... bt we'r always here 2 jst talk 2 n crib with [:P] all d best sweets...

Keshi said...

Im so sorry to see u heartbroken hun....

**too many break ups and patch ups,

that somehow sounds familiar...thats how it was with my ex-BF...then we ended it for good.

Im not saying it'll happen with u too, but to break-up and patch-up countless times indicates its not a healthy r'ship. Whatever its gonna be, I wish u all the best! TC, HUGGGGGGGGZ!


phoenix said...


youre such a comfort!! :P

hugss :(

relations said...

always read jubilient posts on this space..
the love means life to you..and it will not end like this, no matter what.. and you will not be able to decide to put a full stop..because its love and love is there to stay..just try to figure out how..