Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i weave a cocoon to keep me safe,
to keep the child in me alive.
i peek about with my cynical eye to view the big bad world.
i arm myself with wisdom from years of experience.
i brace myself to wage the war with the world
and the demons in my heart.
i pour my heart and my soul
to build a new life a new world again
from broken dreams and wounded heart
and friendships gone awry....
may you be with me,hold and guide me
when i falter,rebuke me when i go wrong
and nurture me when the world around me falls apart..
be the fire always burning,
giving me strength to rise each time,
like the phoenix from the ashes
and brave the world with forces anew.


Abhishek Khanna said...


ani said...

:) i break my silence!
i have been here... often! but silently for the past some time! :) Poem reminded me of one called Paintbrush i read! (i carry with me my pallette everywhere and color me in shades to sit the surroundings kinda lines.. ~dnt remember exactly)!

n if u read the rules on my last post, u do get an alphabet - its a T! :)

AVIANA said...

hey there...

nice one here...

i kind of noticed two personalities here...

in the beginning it is very strong, you're strong and wise but yet the second part is hoping that another person will be strong for you when you are not...


phoenix said...


surely will take that up :)

wow u actually noticed it?im surprised..you are right..no one si so strong that cant break down..we need someone to be there when the inner strength fails :)