Thursday, October 11, 2007


i am sore all over.every fiber in my body is crying out.the sting literally takes the life out of me.i am numb.tears stream down my face, and my face contorts painfully as it happens to me over and over again.

dont be mistaken,i am not talking about how painful it is to see a relationship fall apart[it is i know].i am not even talking about how painful it is to loose the one you love but i am talking about the inhuman torture a lady has to go through because she is the prettier of the two sexes.i am talking about the beauty process called waxing.for the men only,it is a process by which molten hot wax is poured all over your body and then with a piece of cloth it is yanked out...OUUCCH!!god!what not is expected out of us to appear was my first experience at the parlous when i got myself waxed.damn!!how can ladies go through such immense torture to appear good looking.i never had the time before,and neither did i ever pay attention to how i appear.i always considered waxing threading as a waste of time and quite unnecessary.but since pujas are just 6 days away i went to the parlor to get a trim,where my hair dresser totally freaked out on me.."kya didi,ap bhi..kabhi toh apni khayal rakhiye..kal sasural jaoge toh kya aise jaoge??time nikal kay thoda sajna sawarna sikhlijiye...kal ko kaam aigi.." [what do you do didi...why don't you groom yourself...tomorrow when you get married are you going to go like this...try and take time out for yourself ]

i must admit i was infuriated by her comment,who is she to tell me anyways.since i had time i decided to go for waxing.i never had really thought i was the hairy kind.or the one who needed much time to pamper myself. but then i decided to try this out just for the heck of it!.drat!that probably was the last thing i required.having my hair yanked out.after an hour long session.i left the parlour,few hair less,red in face and my hands and feet numb.

so men,next time you compliment a girl on her looks,please do acknowledge the pain she has to go through just to appear so,for you to praise her.oucch!it still hurts..


curryegg said...

You're right... female have to beared with pain whenever in order to be perfect. I dare not try the waxing... ;(

`NEFTY said...


KAYLEE said...

AHHHHHHHHHH YOU broke up with him?

Jeya Anand said...

Hey...I never knew these things had happened when we talked yesterday....after coming here to ur blog, I see ur life here....Sorry abt ur relation...So is it the end? or will it rise again just like you phoenix....?

FireWhisky said...

lolz... i was so pissed off at my brothr 4 sayin tat i shdnt whine abt waxing cz it dsnt hurt tat i put a wax strip on hs EXTREMELY (n i mean rain forested!!!) hairy legs while he ws sleeping n yanked it off... ooooooooooooooh... his yell ws by far d sweetest revenge!!! (jst 2 mk it look natural, he borrowd my razor n shaved d hair ff altogethr on both his legs!!! his football mates teased him mercilessly aftr tat - chikne ws his new nickname [:P])

Abhishek Khanna said...

hahahaha.. okies will remember the last line :)

crazyBugga said...

there wil come a day wen silicone implants wil be an absolute necessity...

phoenix said...



no cudnt do it :P

more like phoenix rising from the ashes types

awaesome girl
i pull my bro's rain forests with my bare he knows what it is like.

you must!:P

im nt amused...please donot make such comments here

AVIANA said...

hah! i feel you on this...but i have to admit...i religiously get my eyebrows waxed and ...dare I say...get my bikini waxed in the brazilian...yeah that's painful..that area was not made for melted beeswax but i'm never wanna go back to the feels and looks good..oh well..bye!

KAYLEE said...

well good like i go to the hospital at midnight tonight :P

KAYLEE said...

i meant luck sorry not like

Drama Div@ said...

NO PAIN, NO GAIN!! But, I used the epilator so no pain involved.

Jadis said...

I consider eyebrow threading as the most painful beauty thing you can do to yourself. It's like having a saw grate along the same line of your skin over and over again and again till you have tears all over your face.

phoenix said...

o my god!
brazillian biki wax????ive heard they are damn painful......u r a great person kudos :P


i thought eyebrow plucking was the worst..after waxing i know otherwise :(

Meenakshi Singh said...

hahahhahaha... the way you have put it... hilarious. :-)

and threading of the brows and upper lip, are the worst... :-)