Thursday, October 25, 2007


This happens so often that the irony of it all still fails to amaze semesters are past approaching and here i am blogging,the addiction seems to get intense just before my exams just when i need to channelize my energies towards more important work:study.its hard to concentrate when there are several things clouding your i ll quickly rattle them off,ticking them off my list,maybe then i ll be unburdened enough to get to study.

last week was really eventful.i have been longing for months altogether for a digi-cam and finally i got was probably my biggest achievement.i still cannot get out of the shock or rather a pleasant surprise.since the last few months have been awful getting the cam was definately something of a i dont have to borrow someone else's cam to take is a great liberating feeling.

on the front of college mates.i see a change in them and i smile,i marvel as to how much i pity them,now their facade seems so apparent and so fake that it is hideous.i am thankful that i am in no way like them and that i have retained of my truth self even being amidst them.somehow i feel so grateful that i have managed to clinically severe myself from them before i became one of them.even the simplest of the lot seems so complicated that it is worthless talking about the complex ones.i may sound bitter and totally repelled but at least i am true to what i feel.i require no lies to keep front.unlike what others do just to save face and draw favors later on or be among the "cooler kids".funny how hypocrisy seems to be the mantra for most these should really learn the art of mincing words, examples of which are best left unsaid.tall talks but hollow inside.

hols are on and with lot of time in hand i am letting myself relax and giving enough time to myself to discover and analyze the true me.and i was "truly" happy today when i woke up this morning,when my alarm went off..and i stretched languidly to turn my cell on.sunlight streaming through the window and i did what i wanted:pull the covers up and snuggled into my pillow.on other days i would have to suppress these urges and get up forcefully because i had to attend classes but none of these things happened today.wouldn't it be better to always do what the heart desires instead of doing what one "has to"?


Abhishek Khanna said...

pado pado

curryegg said...

Haha.... You're right... we're addicted to blog! Lol... and it's always good to do something we can't do in normal day...

enjoy.. ^^

Astraeus said...

reminds me of bittersweet symphony orchestrated too

"i am what i am..
i dont need...
i deal my own decks
sometimes the ace sometimes the deuces"
~gloria gaynor~

phoenix said...


my god!its more potent than drugs...what a high it is!

so true...

methodactor said...

It would always be better to do what one's heart desires, and not what "one has to". Alas, if we could always do what was "better".