Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Royal Cub Of Bengal Rules!!

Aneek Dhar,the royal cub of Bengali won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa first vishwayudh.he is a resident of Kolkata namely lake gardens[my locality].we are all stiff waiting hopelessly that he would win,because the last episode Raja Hassan topped the charts with a large margin of votes.but by a mere flick of channel to STAR ANANDA,news channel let the cat out of the bag some 30 minutes before the show declared the winner.what a jubilation it 12 the whole locality was awake and on the seemed that Aneek's victory added that extra zing in Bengali's favourite Durga Puja.what a day it was!


Keshi said...

good to know, tnxx :)


Abhishek Khanna said...

i wanted raja to win :(

The Lover said...

ye!! i'm proud 2 be a bong!!!

preetilata said...

the joy of durga puja has doubled after this victory.

:) :) :)

FireWhisky said...

royal bengal rules!!!!!!!! happy durgo pujo

A Liberated Soul said...

Hey Raka...Hows you?

Meenakshi Singh said...

Congrats! Aneek has a great voice. :-)
Though I liked Raja better. :(

phoenix said...



@the lover

true true

thank you and same to you

@liberated soul
i am good abt you?

hey long time no see??i like amanat more than raja but he is a good singer too!