Wednesday, October 31, 2007

sepia tinted pictures,
faded ink,
cob web of memories,
nostalgia revisited.

rueful smile
solitary tear,
clasped hands,
potent memories course
through the mind.

agonised heart
yearning for the loved one
far out of reach
curse of time has struck again

wait is prolonged.
for times to turn
faith is retained
for him to come back again


Abhishek Khanna said...


Sameera said...

I loved the optimism peeping out of the lovely yet melancholy words!

phoenix said...

:) thank you

gee thanks :P
im adding you!

rOhit said...

Beautifully portrayed the pain, and then loved the ending.. FAITH and HOPE.. keepin us alive.. :)

Wonderful Blog..

Keep it up..:)
Happy Writing..:D