Sunday, October 21, 2007

subho bijoya!

The pujas are finally is Bijoya Dashami seemed like the last few days i have been living in a whirlwind,i had no time to come home,seemed like forever i was up,absolutely no rest adn not complaining either,it was fun unlimited.probably it was because i was with people i value the most:my family,samik and my school friends.for once i didnt want my so called college mates around and thankfully i saw none of them and my pujas was not marred,they are a nuisance anyways.getting a digi cam definitely had its perks as i took tons of pics and some videos too,its a pity i am unable to upload them to either orkut or blogger.and now just before i write the name of the goddess on banana leaves,pujas will actually end and bijoya would formally seems like yesterday when my school friends,sayanti and srimoyee turned up on sashti.then pandal hopping dinner out and the sleep over just marked an awesome beginning to the pujas.

on Saptami it poured cats and dogs,got drenched,met up a friend and then got rid of her and went on to sayanti's place for lunch.then lots of adda and in the evening pandal hopping in salt lake.KFC's zinger burger never tasted better.then at night we snuggled up together and whispering until sleep overcame us.

Ashtami night was a night to remember.samik came and met up my folks and taking their permission we stayed out and went pandal hopping on his bike.we went from one end of the city to another,staying up all night,stopping every now and then to have coffee and shivering in the early morning chill.we spent the last few hours of the night gazing into the sky and holding hands.peering deep into each others eyes and talking volumes.for the first time in our relationship we were together all night and were watching the sun slowing was almost 6am when samik dropped me home and it was one sad departure but an extremely necessary one,as we were both dog tired.i felt so sorry for samik who had worked for 10 hours at a stretch and then gone home changed and then again had met me up and. we both had stayed up all was truly a night to remember.

Nabomi i went off to dad's office.where there were two major pandals,quite a bengali's meeting joint and its cultural heritage at its was there that i spent most of my time and for the first time in my life i knew what it was and felt,to be a bengali.i saw the dhaki dancing and everyone present there from the locality and enjoying the puja to the hilt.the evening arati and the bhog in the afternoon and the band performances.what more my small time crush on this telly actor became magnified as it was his locality too and he was a very active member in the proceedings of the puja despite being a star by his own can imagine what i felt taking his video while playing the dhaki with great relish.ohh!i could have stared it him for ages.....back

back to the present,that night i spent sometime with samik,some quality time that we required to forget the pain and anguish we both through in the past months.i actually broke down having him around,for i was overwhelmed to have him all to was truly a rocky few weeks but it felt so right just sitting close,speaking nothing just feeling the warmth and filled me with so much faith and strength and made me realize,for the millionth time that this relationship is worth fighting was truly magical

Dashami was brought tears to my eye and i could just barely stop it from running down to see the trucks coming and people getting ready for bhashan [immersion of the goddess in the Ganges] past few months have been truly hard on me and i hoped dearly that things would improve now on.slowly all married ladies performed the last rituals called Boron [ where goddess is been given sweets and is given vermilion.then comes sindoor khela [putting vermillion is out on each other]it was soon time to say goodbye.i stood helpless watching feeling a strange tug.truly it was one rocking pujas this year!


P.S-*Pics & vedios have transferred to PC but don't know why but it cannot be uploaded.please bear with me.


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Subho Bijaya honey!!!

phoenix said...

will show definitely :( there are some problems in my computer or connection,once its done surely i ll put it up.

thank you

Rajeev said...

hope u had a wonderful time!

peace & love

phoenix said...

yup had a rocking time!thank you!