Monday, October 29, 2007

Taking Responsibilities!

I have no idea what has gotten into me.and now i am in deep shit.last few days suddenly this new thing has possessed me and now i am in a cleaning spree..i have made lists and chosen places,cleaned wiped and totally rearranged stuff at home.not just that now i am into interior decorating MY OWN HOUSE [dad's i mean :P] dad has given his word that we ll whitewash this year and there are several changes that has to be made and i have taken them all is no longer fit enough to man the house so irritated by her comments as to how she cannot do the work and upkeep the house,i have taken the responsibility to redo it all.

i started with the kitchen.cleaned the cabinet.threw off old bottles and jars.replaced them with new and bought of 45 kilos of old news paper and with the money bought new spices container.changed the age old rags with fresh ones out of old torn bed sheets.old crockery has been replaced by new.and the junk is piled in a corner to be sold or given away. our divans [beds with space to store cloths and other items] are been cleaned too and old clothes are given away or exchanged with new utensils.table mats and table clothes are brought out.cutlery is being polished and almost truck loads of sheer rubbish is being ousted from our poor mom is almost in a fit seeing her daughter ravaging through the house throwing things out and replacing old things. other plans are also being made regarding the choice of the colours being used on walls and doors and windows,fabric of curtains and their colour. and not just that the woodwork that needs to be done is being designed by me.

PHEW!this is a lot of work.something that i have never done and never allowed to.the girl who wasn't allowed in the kitchen [ i do cook at times] is now taking over;making menus and cooking breakfasts and snack and then has taken up the responsibility to do the lunch and the morning servant, more like a mashi[aunt,who loves me dearly] has vowed to help me,not only take care of the house from now on but also teach me my way around the kitchen and too has promised to give me the lum sum required to buy the daily needs in advance,so that i can make lists of what is required and do the if just manning the house wasn't enough,and semesters almost round the corner,my dad requires me at this is what i do now days.wake up at 6.30,then a quick bath and then over tea i read my news paper.then i make breakfast for all and get prepared to go to office.then by 9 i am in office with my books spread out [its just my presence that is required.thank god for small favours! :)]its there i study till about past walks in the office and i walk out straight back home.i rest and watch TV.then i make tea/ coffee and snacks for everyone and then by 6 i am back to studying...its not easy but then i am good at multi tasking..... in a way my deepest fears of not knowing house work and being rebuked by samik's mom in 5 years time,has now been i am at peace knowing that even if in adversity i know how to manage a household.


Abhishek Khanna said...

Diwali cleaning time :)

FireWhisky said...

aaahhhh... tat time of the year again... ive been off the last few days doing just tat... i wish us both luck :P

Winged Fantasy said...

I cant tell you, what a pleasure it was to read your post. I so enjoyed it. I am in a mess myself. Cant figure out head and tail of my life and worse, I seem to have forgotten the pleasures in little things. Waiting to undo and redo my life in a new way, just like ur house. hope it works. :-)

Ps: Oh btw. This is Meenakshi. I changed my blog address. this is the new one. :-)

preetilata said...

ahhhhh..... i wish i wr a lil like u. dnt think i cn mng my house-hold ever.

nice post. njoyed reading it.
hai onekdin por ekta notun post korechi. samay kore dekhe niyo.

bhalo theko
:) :) :)

curryegg said...

Hope that you enjoy it... ;)

Jeevy said...

hehe! have fun! :D
how've u been!?

peace & love

phoenix said...

hey why cant i visit your profile :( ???????

Suki said...

Good girl! Wow - can't imagine myself doing all that till I have a house of my own, LOL.

Yup, taking responsibility can often be fun. :D I'm doing my own room and shopping these days(finally :P), even that independence gives me a boost. You are sure an inspiration, gal!

|qurt-man| said...

Aww. i love love love love this post. Just makes me feel that I am not the only clean freak present in this whole wide world.

Plus I must say you are so lucky to be decorating your own house. I mean ..well you must obviously be old enough to do so and that's why your mum has given you the responsibility. And alsoo...when you're done....i think the camera would be of a good use. take some beautifula dn classic pictures and post them up on your blog. turst will show your taste in interiors and eporhaps youi neveer know an interior designeer might just pop up on your blog and then hire you.
hhaha i have gotten relli far i think.a ny way...happy picture taking and house cleanuing.