Saturday, October 27, 2007


I've been missing school a quite a bit in the last few days.Its ironic to see that the girl who believed that the world out of school could not be worse now thinks school life was the best.yes,it is me i am talking about.when in school i used to think teachers were morons and studies such a charade and now the opinion has changed studies are enjoyable and teachers great but life absolutely sucks.meeting with my closest friends from school gave me a fresh lease of life and hope to me.with them my innocence came back and the complexities that i didn't belive i had went was the same old fun of giggling away to glory,talking about music books and times together.i have known them for 15 years now,that is almost more than half of my these 15 years we haven't fought of had any kind of problems.many "friends" have come and gone.almost all were nice in the beginning but later on showed their true colour.

Its with them i realized how much i had changed in the past year and half,despite claiming that others had changed but not I.i discovered the things that made me smile more be happy almost i'm such a cynical moron.i almost never smile.i guess this is a part of growing up.but i am glad i am happy once more and that bitterness has left me and i am back to being the simpleton that i always was.with a clear mind now i can get back to studying and holidaying in full fledge.


Pri said...

yes its very difficult to strike a balance and tht mostly happens only after we r over with the "growing up" phase...some people grow up all their life ..
and thn again some ppl never do. :)
im happy for u...u seem to have crossed the "growing up" phase with gr8 finesse and thts the reason u are happy once again...

preetilata said...

" school dayz r d bst days of one's life" ..n dis is d truth evrybody realizes sooner or later.

nice 2 knw that u r happy agn. alwyz kp smiling.

bhalo theko
:) :) :)

Ashu said...

hey how hv u been ?

phoenix said...

:) thanks ton!these words meant much!

tumio bhalo theko...aro blog post lekho.. :P

i am doing good