Monday, October 15, 2007

the wait is almost about two days pujas will start with its usual pom and show and drum rolls.i just cant belive that so early a yesar has paased and its time to celebrate again!last minute changes and carpentary are being done,lights that adorn every street and tree and every house,are now being check for the last time.people are now equipting themselves with puja maps and bus route maps for better vouyer.i have made my5 day plans too and that includes less sleep and more fun.

Srimoyee and Sayanti are coming over at around 12.then lunch at my place.then off to CCD.then some majoy pandal hopping in south kolkata.then dinner at some pizza or Chinese.i sure hope its pizza because i am sick and tired of Chinese.but tough luck!my friends are twins if they both agree my choice flows out of the window in no time! :P after dinner a sleep over at my place.

i am going to drop my friends off at their place and in the bargain i am staying there for lunch and the evening.some pandal hopping in salt lake follows.then back home.or rather to dad's office.just in front of our office is two major puja dad has planned for us to sleep over at office itself.

anjali is a must if...this day is still not planned.but probably i would spend it with family as i dont feel like socializing anymore.

i am book with samik.i am at his service to go wherever he pleases

well since its the last day.morning out last pandal hopping.then boron.and then bisharjan :(

the next few days i maybe a bit infrequent in this space as i would hardly get time to come online.but i sure wish you guys have great fun!wishing you all a very subho saradiya [happy pujas]


Pri said...

here's wishing u happy durga puja :)

preetilata said...

shubho sharodiya.

tk cr
:) :) :)

KAYLEE said...

:)come online