Monday, November 05, 2007

Jab We Met!

Jab We Met is breath of fresh air in an industry where most films are either remakes,inspired or or follow formula commercial cinema.Kareena in a new before bubbly,outgoing bold girl.Geet who meets a broken,depressed and lost Shahid-Aditya in the train to Bhatinda.its a complete kareena movie and she delivers and how.its hard not to like her and Shahid underplays his part really well.this is the first time ever that the ex real life duo Shahid-Kareena has come up with a hit and its a pitty to think that the chemistry which is for all to see doesn't not exist anymore.its a nice and clean movie,with no hitches whatsoever.the songs are quite catchy,cinematography is brilliant and acting is at par with the standard set by writer-director Imtiaz Ali.i'm a sucker for romance and this romcom exceeds my expectation.a must watch for all those who simply love watching an entertainer and for all those young people and love birds.its bound to make you fall in love if not with someone then surely urself.

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Rashi said...

hey girlie, thx for the cover story...Appreciate it :)